Computer Technician Job Description and its FAQ

A computer technician is one of the important roles in the company or organizations. They have main duties to main the computer tools and provide support to anyone in the organization who needs technological help. They also will do everything to configure the component and also the software in the maintenance. Therefore, creating a computer technician job description will be not easy.

The computer technician job description template 

Since a computer technician has an important role, looking for them should be careful. Here, we are searching for a technician that can manage, monitor, and also repair our computer system well. Besides, they also need to ensure that the systems are configured properly and running efficiently.

They have to able to install the software patches, diagnose and repair the problem with the system.

Furthermore, a computer technician also needs to repair server errors, resolve the hard disk failure, and also configure the software and drivers. In other words, a computer technician needs knowledge of IT infrastructure because it will help to improve efficiency and also enhancing customer service.

The ideal candidate for computer technicians should have superior problem-solving skills, solid communication skills, great task management, and extensive technical understanding of their computer technician job description template.

The computer technician responsibilities 

A computer technician should have responsibilities to handle. Some computer technician responsibilities descriptions that should be known are;

  • Setting up and configuring the computers and peripheral equipment including printers, scanners, and so forth
  • Classifying and troubleshooting the problem
  • Maintaining the hardware and software
  • Acting audits and exams on the computer system, networks, and hardware to make sure all function properly
  • Reply to support request and help in troubleshooting any problems
  • Making sure all software and hardware up to date and installing the update as required
  • Acting the routine preventive maintenance to escape the system outages and failure
  • Handling the safety updates
  • Offer the technical support

The Computer Technician Requirement 

Some computer technician requirements descriptions should be fulfilled. Those are;

  • Degree in computer science or information science or equal degree
  • Certificate or associate’s degree in a relevant degree
  • Having a year more experience in technical support
  • Active listening skills and problem-solving skills
  • Understand the data storage and data recovery
  • Superior working understanding of computer system
  • Great working knowledge of computer system
  • Strong time and tasks management skills and work productively with minimal supervision
  • Familiar and understanding of basic computer function hardware and software

The computer technician FAQ

What is a computer technician’s job?

The main task of a computer technician is to maintain the computer system. With this main task, some people also call this job position as a PC technician or desktop support technician. They should be able to maintain the software and hardware of the computer.

Can I edit the computer technician job description template here?

Of course, you can. The sample computer technician job description here is designed editable. You can edit and customize the detailed job description suitable for your company or organization. Therefore, you can free to download computer technician job description here.

Description: a computer technician job description is useful because it will help you to get the best candidate for a computer technician in the recruitment process.


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