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Free Comparison Chart Template Design to Download

Oftentimes, when organizations have to analyze progression of multiple data groups, they will use comparison chart. This type of chart is best to use when searching for specific things, such as providing advantages or disadvantages when you’re about to buy something. Look through the collection of comparison chart template forms below to know more about it.

Comparison Chart Template Ideas

Comparison chart is sometimes referred as comparison diagram as well – which comprised of line graphs, bar charts, pie chart, and others. As the name indicates, it is used to compare data from different area by using different parameters. Besides, it can be used to find prominent one between a groups as well. That’s why it remains as an important instrument in scientific and business fields.

You may use this chart as a visual comparison tool. It helps to compare multiple groups of data, objects, process, tools, or phenomenon. The chart will provide you with qualitative or quantitative data.

Comparison Chart Template Types

As it has been mentioned in prior, there are plenty of comparison chart template types that widely used. It is understandable since comparative chart is frequently found in almost all sectors due to its universal appeal. Read about several types of it below:

Bar chart

If you have several different parameters over multiple items, comparison bar chart is a friendly way to process them. You can compare frequency of one entity for different sets by using color coding.

Pie chart

Comparative pie chart is a visually interesting tool to represent data. It is often used in marketing and sales. By using pie chart, you are able to simply compare multiple components and know their shares over particular topic.

Dot diagram

In this type of chart, the value is represented of dots. You may compare all kinds of parameters and pull correlation from the comparison.

Time series histogram

Histogram is an enhanced form of bar chart, in which it can depict certain pattern and has concurrent value. To have concurrent value means to involve time series regarding key parameters.

Frequency series histogram

If the prior histogram uses time to plot the diagram, this histogram uses frequency instead. By the end of this chart, you’d be able to create a particular curve named frequency curve.

Comparison Chart Template Design

A common problem that is faced by people when using a comparison chart, is not being able to figure out which type would be most fitting for their case. It all depends on the information and data that are going to be presented. By looking at the samples of comparison chart template, you may be able find the suitable type of chart that to use.

Downloadable Comparison Chart Template

As the competition of nearly every product available is growing nowadays, it is possible to feel pressured over choosing a product or a brand. Comparison chart template might help you during the selection process. Almost all of them are easy to use, read, and construct. The template can be downloaded as free resource.

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