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Coffee Shop Menu Template to Beautify Your Menu Card


The rising number of coffee shops in both downtown and suburban area creates something that intrigued us: why do people love coffee? The reasons are known already. Coffee helps to reenergize people, right? It also helps to ‘wake’ you up in the morning. Coffee may also become the first thing you’ll look up to avoid being a sleepyhead during working time. Now that you have started to run your coffee shop, you should list up the menu in an engaging way. You can work with a coffee shop menu template to start the step.

Coffee Shop Menu Template Style


If you have ever visited several coffee shops nearby your place, what is something that you notice about their menu card? It is the design, of course. There are several styles you can follow during finding the right coffee shop menu template, such as:

  • One-page menu template style

This is the simplest menu template you can go with. In just one page, you can list up the menu in your coffee shop. If the coffee shop goes with too many menus, then you can switch into the next category.

  • Two-page menu template style (or even more!)

With ample space to write, feel free to list up the entire menu being served in your place. You can also lure the coffee drinkers to order snacks that can also be listed up in the menu. But, this will take more budgets to print the second side of the menu card.

Coffee Shop Menu Template Components


You may have known about this, but that’s not bad to take a second chance to learn.


  1. Enough spaces for writing down the menus

That will not be called a ‘coffee shop menu template’ if that does not provide spaces to list up the menus. For each drink/food, you can opt to explain it to help visitors to better understand the item. Also, include the price.

  1. Pictures as illustration

A menu card will be boring once it got no pictures. Hence, you should prepare one or more high-quality photo(s). Prepare the picture of the best-selling menus should help the visitors to choose.

  1. Fonts

Your choice of fonts should be no more than three font types. Making it too many will botch the design itself. Hence, to avoid this, list up the fonts that will look perfect with the coffee shop menu template.

  1. Colors

Oftentimes, coffee shop menu cards use coffee-related colors for their design. This is not wrong, since brown coffee – as a color, is a warm color that can stimulate or increase the appetite. It also means simplicity and also friendliness. But, you can actually work with any colors you like. Just make sure that it matches with other existing colors.


How to Create an Eye-catching Coffee Shop Menu with Coffee Shop Menu Template


The fastest way to make a nice-looking coffee shop menu is by using the template. But, if there are things that don’t suit your liking, feel free to change the style. You can browse for many inspirations on the internet; also don’t be afraid to play with fonts and adding ornaments.

The Don’ts While Customizing the Coffee Shop Menu Template


  • Don’t use too small font size in the design. You should remember that people have different capabilities to read small texts.
  • Don’t be lazy to look up for inspiration.
  • Don’t use mismatching color combinations.
  • If you have a coffee shop logo, don’t forget to add that in your coffee shop menu template.

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