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The Best Coffee Mug Template to Make Personalized Gift


Everyone needs a good coffee mug template to make a personalized gift. Coffee mug is something everyone has at home and basically they use it every morning. This item will make a good gift as it is simple, inexpensive and easy to customize. Here are some templates for the coffee mug that you can download and use today. Here they are.

Coffee Mug Template Download


By downloading the coffee mug template, you will have the chance to make sure that the coffee mug you have at home or the one you are about to give away as gift won’t be as common as those in the stores. It will be fully personalized with your own design or even with any images that you like. It is like having a full choice of deciding how the mug will eventually look like.

Coffee Mug Template Types


There are several types of coffee mug. Some of them are:


  • Plain White Coffee Mug

The standard shape and color of the coffee mug is the plain white one you often see around you. It is like a blank canvas that can be filled with anything.

  • Round Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is shorter and smaller. It looks more formal and petite. You should be able to design the mug with tinier design and make it looks really good.

  • Translucent Coffee Mug

Some people like their coffee mug to be translucent. They are harder to design but the good thing is everything inside the mug should be visible.

  • Small Coffee Mug

This is the kind of mug you use for smaller portion of coffee, like for espresso shots or something else in that size.


Coffee Mug Template Designs


As for the design, the best designs for the mugs are:


  1. Quotes Design

Many people like to have quotes displayed on their coffee mug. If you think that way, too, you can get the template of quote-displaying coffee mug right over here.

  1. Flower Design

This is the best design for a cute little mug. The mug is in darker color and the flower design pops and looks so stunning there. It makes a perfect gift for mother’s day.

  1. Customized Design

If you like to put on some photographs on the mug, you can do it easily. Use a customized design for the mug like this one right here that allows you to insert any images you like.

  1. “Best Dad” Design

It is believed that “Best Dad” mug is very common as gifts for the man of the house. You can figure out some templates right over here.


Coffee Mug Template Formats


Choose the format of coffee mug template that has PSD on it. PSD is the format that allows you to edit the template on Photoshop. It should help you edit the whole thing easier and you won’t find it hard to make sure that any pictures or designs can be inserted into the template easily. This is why this format is the mandatory one.

Get the template right now and you will be able to get the best coffee mug possible. By downloading and using the coffee mug template, you can have a beautiful gift to give to anyone you love, including your family and loved one.


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