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Free Church Newsletter Templates for Every Occasion throughout the Year


A lot of people are looking for church newsletter templates as they work in the institution or responsible for the newsletter. Instead of designing the newsletter on your own and spends hours on the design, these ready-made templates are quite helpful. They will provide the right structure of the newsletter instantly. Check them out here.

Church Newsletter Templates Usage


The usage of the templates is surely to give a properly-structured guidance for the newsletter. The templates are already finished and all you have to do is personalizing the template by adding your church’s information, such as its name, address and the content of that edition’s newsletter. The church newsletter templates are saving your time, basically.

Church Newsletter Templates Structure


The correct structure of the template that you should download is:


  • Header and Logo

There should be header on the newsletter and there should be the church’s logo on it. Make sure that they are noticeable so that the reader knows what church it is.

  • Title

Just like any other newsletter, this one from the church needs titles, too. Pick the right titles to make sure that everyone is attracted into reading the newsletter.

  • Main Text and Content

There should be content of the newsletter and everything you need to display on the newsletter must be written here.

  • Footer and Contact

The last part of the newsletter is to display the footer. Inside the footer, there should be the contact information of the church, including the phone and address.


Church Newsletter Templates Examples


For the examples of the church newsletter, you can check several items down below:


Basic Church Newsletter

For those who are looking for the basic newsletter for the church, it can be found here. The template is applicable for any types of church around the world.

Christmas Church Newsletter

On the special event like Christmas, of course the church will issue something special on the newsletter, too. This is the example that you can use for that special edition.

Easter Church Newsletter

There are two special occasions on the church, usually. They are Christmas and Easter. This one right here is the newsletter template for the Easter occasion.

Service Schedule Church Newsletter

When there are changes or updates about the service schedule, use this newsletter template right here to make the announcements.


Church Newsletter Templates Formats


Newsletter is supposed to be printed. They are like flyers or brochures, or small newspaper, given by the church to the whole congregations. This is why the format must be a printable one. If you can find the template in Word or PDF, use them. However, if the church newsletter templates have to be in PSD, it will work as well and you have nothing to worry about it.

For those who are looking for the quick way to make a newsletter for the church, use those templates up there. Choose any of them that you like and then you can start making the best-looking newsletter for the church. It should all start by downloading the right church newsletter templates.



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