10+ Certificate of Completion free template in PSD

Certificate of Completion Template with Editable and Customized Files

Certificate is document to justify someone or certain entity has excellent accomplishment. At the school, students receive certificate of completion after finishing all courses. It is also a part of graduation. Another example is award or accolade. To make the relevant one, you should use certificate of completion template.

Certificate of Completion Template Idea

You can use this template for various purposes. The main idea is you can make any certificate without spending too much time from scratch. Moreover, you just edit the name, and then the certificate is ready for many recipients.

The template becomes reference and guide. You can get design and style that’s suitable and compatible with your need. After that, edit and modify it with contents from your event or organization. This is what certificate of completion template does.

Certificate of Completion Template Style

This kind of certificate is mostly just one page. People know what this is about after seeing the title. The style should be formal or semi casual. You can get the casual one or just for fun corticated if you give to kindergarten student.

Certificate of Completion Template Contents and Components

It is easier to know certificate of completion template after exploring the components and contents. You must understand why the certificate is made, including the purpose. Check the following list for more explanation.


It is called certificate of completion by a title. You can use any title and make sure the words refer to this one properly. You may change the completion with accomplishment, graduation, or anything.


Award name

The next component is award name. Having title indicates the certificate is not enough. You can specify with award, accolade, and honor. For example, you may pass the exam and get the highest score. The award name is the best score of the year or something like that.

Recipient name

The template has section for recipient name. It is also the most important part. You make the certificate because someone will receive it. On the other hand, the name can be company, team, group, and school.


Organization or institution

The certificate comes from company or organization. It is a part of legal aspect. You will not find certificate from personal.


Date and detail

The detail is information about accomplishment. Usually, he award and title are enough to explain the content. If necessary, the detail should be short explanation or thank you note. One thing that cannot be forgotten is the time, such as date, month, and year.

Person or party who responsible giving this certificate

The certificate has signature from person who is in charge. For example, the school certificate must contain signature from principal. This is legal aspect that has significant impact. As alternative, some certificates use number, code, and stamp.

Certificate of Completion Template Platform

You need reliable certificate of completion template for making the right one. The platform depends on the context and event. Academic certificate must look official and formal. You can get some files for reference. Professional certificate should contain official logo. Some of them are just for semi casual event, such as dance competition. The certificate is quite attractive but still maintains the basic components.

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