Carpet Cleaning Technician Job Description – The Requirements To Have



A carpet cleaning business requires a skillful person to do various procedures. The cleaner must be a person who loves detail and cleanliness oriented.  If you are looking for a candidate who can work in your business well, you have to know the basic carpet cleaning technician job description. Check our summary bellow.

The Responsibilities In Carpet Cleaning Technician Job Description

Assisting the clients

One of the main responsibilities of a carpet cleaner is to guide the clients and discuss the treatment needed to remove the carpet’s stain.

Perform carpet treatment

The carpet cleaner must also apply a carpet treatment based on the materials and stain type. This is purposed to keep the carpet clean, and well-maintained without damaging the carpet. The carpet cleaner must apply this procedure carefully. This includes when removing the furniture to help him access all of the areas. The cleaning and treatment for the carpet will be done with hand or machine. It depends on the treatment requirements. After cleaning procedures have been done, the carpet cleaner must be dry it and reset the furniture.

Sell the company’s product

Besides applying treatment, the cleaner will also sells the company product and provide an invoice and also maintain the relationship between the customer.

The Requirements To Be A Carpet Cleaning Technician

To be a carpet cleaner, there are some requirements to be fulfilled by the candidates, which we have summarized as follow:

  • Education background – The candidate must have at least a high school diploma with experience in cleaning carpet field.
  • Skills – Also the candidate must have strong knowledge in using the chemical and carpet machines. He must be friendly and good at communicating. Also, the candidate must have a good body because they will have a physical job a lot.


What Are A Carpet Cleaning Technician’s Jobs?

A carpet cleaning technician is also known as the carpet cleaner which is responsible to clean and also maintain the carpets of the customers whether it is from business, personal, or governments. They perform a standard procedure that will not damage the carpet quality and still manage to make it clean. This includes doing inspections, deciding the treatments until removing the stains on the carpet.

What Are To Consider Before Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Technician?

They are some aspects that must be considered before hiring a technician is to look at your business needs and specifications. Some businesses have specialties, for example, you are focusing on dry cleaning. You will need to hire someone that is able to learn faster with the technology you are using. You also need to look at the requirements and skills required on how to be a carpet cleaning technician. We have discussed it in the above article.

What Are The Primary Tasks Of A Carpet Cleaning Technician?

There are some standard duties that must be performed by the carpet cleaners. These include guiding the clients to the location, assist the customers, cleaning the stains, and do the treatment on the carpets based on the type of the material and stains.

A carpet cleaner requires specific skills and good health because this job deals with physical activities. The candidate must also be able to perform certain procedures related to applying chemicals and carpet treatments.

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