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Excelling Your Business Report with Business Report Template


Either it is a monthly or an annual business report, it is an important document to convey how much the business progress. It has this importance as a tool to create budgeting, product development, and further marketing strategies; as well as a communication tool to connect with your boss or any stakeholders. You know that building a report with only data and a few points of analysis will bore the readers. Moreover, it will likely increase the opportunity for the report to be neglected. That is why creating an engaging business report becomes pivotal. As the first step, consider applying a business report template.

What Kinds of Business Report Template You Can Find Online?


You can find many types of it. To mention some, below are kinds of business report template you can find on the internet, download, and customize:


Weekly activity report

If you have a strict boss that demands a weekly report, you’re safe. There are many templates regarding this weekly report on the internet. They even come with various modern look, and all you have to do is to download and serve the data along.

Sales reports

If you are in the sales team, then the sales report template can be your colleague as well. You can serve your data such as the sales goals, revenue, expenses, as well as any challenges you and your team faced while doing the job – all in a nicely set document.


Competitor analysis report

Ignite the inner competitiveness of your colleagues by serving the analysis of the company’s competitors. Add how the competitor may excel in one or two things, and sprinkle it with some information regarding your findings in their marketing strategies, strengths, and also their weaknesses.


Why You Should Use a Business Report Template


There are always reasons for things. If you wonder why you should use a business report template, this explanation below can help you.


  • It’s more time saving

This is the ultimate reason why someone should use a template. Making a design for a business report is not that easy especially if you have zero experience in graphic design.

  • Brings out a top-notch look

At first, it’s the look that plays an important role in a business report. Plain and colorless report is simple, but it doesn’t keep the reader for a long time. Hence, you need to add something attractive to your report.


Tips to Choose the Right Business Report Template


Pick a decent color combination

Every color has its meaning. Once you know that, apply this knowledge in choosing a perfect template for your business report. Also, make sure that you choose matching colors to work with.

Use icons

They say an image can speak a thousand words. It’s the era of visuals. That’s why platforms that put images as their key point are getting more popular these days. Replace wordy wordings with an icon – and it’s spoken up.


Make it balanced

Don’t let the decorations to upstage the contents. Keep it balanced, and make sure that the fonts are readable if you use an uncommon color combination of text and background.


Business Report Template Essentials

In general, a good business report template should facilitate you to showcase the data findings pretty well. Hence, you need to make sure that the template is easy to handle and it has no excessive decorations, colors, shapes that can disturb the reader.


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