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Unique Ideas of Book Report Template and How to Use It

If you are an elementary school home teacher or you have trouble remembering the content of the books you have read, you should consider making a book report. Elementary school students are getting this assignment quite often to increase their interest in reading books. Although it is not too hard to make the book report sheet, oftentimes it is too boring. Therefore, the students refrain from continuing to report reading activity. Making an exciting book report by customizing a book report template can be your cheapest and easiest way out. Besides you can find templates in various colors, you can also find them in many exquisite shapes as well.

The Book Report Template Essentials

A book report template has many components. Although it may be different between one and another, generally a book report includes these points:

The book identity

It is clear why you should include this in a book report. If you want to keep track of your reading activity, the book title is a must. Next, a book report should also have space to write down the author’s name. If needed, you can attach the publisher name as well.

The book’s intrinsic elements


In a fiction book, a book report should have quite ample space to jot down the intrinsic elements of the book. The elements are genre, theme, characters, settings, and also events.

Had the book be that one non-fiction, the book report should provide enough spaces to write down its main topic and important aspects to note.

Unique Book Report Template

Well, finding a unique template for the book report sheet is not hard as there are many templates uploaded on the internet offering you nice designs and colors. If you are a teacher who is preparing this for your students’ project, you can check these ideas out:

Sandwich book report

With the paper cut in shapes like sandwich-stuffs (bread, slice of tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and meat patties), you can print and let your students experience the fun of writing the report in a sandwich.

Pizza book report

Another way to make it more joyful is making the book report elements in slices of pizza. You can divide the pizza into several slices regarding the elements you want your students to cover.


Castle book report

Since kids are so in love with Disney stories, you can bring them one thing to make them remember that: castle. A castle book report will intrigue them to simplify the book they read.

Customizing Your Book Report Template

One of the important things to bring your book report template to a more personalized file is to customize it. The steps to customize your template are as follows:

Make sure you find a template that uses an application compatible with your computer. Generally, templates need an image editor application. However, you can also find templates that are suitable for word-processor applications.

After you download the template, run the application and browse for the template file.

Do some adjustments to the template as needed.

Making the Book Report Template into Function

To make the file usable, you need to export the book report template file into its functioning types, such as image/PDF/document file. After that, you can print the ‘end-product’ and that’s it. You can use the book report sheet. Don’t forget to save the template in case you’ll need it again someday.

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