10+ Best Resume Template for Students


Best Resume Template for Students

Looking for an additional income does not always so difficult. You may discover many opportunities exists around you. However, to get those opportunities, you have to get acquainted with writing a resume. To get familiar with the resume, referring to the best resume template for students is the preferred way to attain inspiration and reference.

If you are a student who seeks opportunities around you, make sure you can highlight your required information to fit within your resume. To make it more relevant, ensure that the resume you write is corresponding to the environment where do you belong, such as a  resume for college students.

College Resume Sample

To equip you with strong insight and ideas about resume for college students, here are a sample of a resume that you may study:

Personal Info

Brigitta Belaamane

Phone  : (454)455-989-978-6

Email   : belaamane_BB@gmail.com


A motivated student with strong communication and interpersonal skills and outstanding knowledge in computer and related library software seeking an opportunity to implement her skills as a librarian in the University of Port-Monresby post-graduate library.


Librarian Assistant Intern

  • University of Port-Monresby Post-graduate library


  • Maintaining records about daily borrows and returns
  • Provide greetings and directions to the visitors
  • Answer the telephone and take a note of the message
  • Returns books to their appropriate shelves
  • Assist the librarian in locating materials


Rosewood University

Administration and Librarian Faculty


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: Maintaining daily borrows and returns of the book within an efficient library information system solution.

Expected Graduation: 2021

Membership: Member of Shikeidan’s Literacy Community

Key Skills:

  • Analytical thinking to develop work flows, procedures, and systems
  • Knowledge of computers, the internet, and library software
  • Awareness of foreign language (French and English)
  • Ability to prepare comprehensive reports
  • Accuracy in typing
  • Exquisite organization job duties and work independently
  • Positive behavior towards all the library users, including one with special needs
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills


  • Contributing to preparing the post-graduate library the for accreditation process
  • Contributing in preparing library standardization plan with the library team


  • French
  • English
  • Indonesian

How To Write The Best Resume Template for Student

The following steps are to be taken in writing the best resume template for students:

  • Provide clear personal information
  • Always incorporate and highlight the relevant education.
  • Include the relevant certifications, if any.
  • State what kind of job you desire within the library
  • Insert your achievements and accomplishments within library area
  • Express the unique ability and technical mastery (such as software proficiency)
  • Always review, and proofread the resume. Ensure your resume is error-free

How can a student compose a resume without any experience?

The following points could be your consideration if you want to write a resume, even you have no experience.

  • Customize the resume, highlight your skill the most instead of an experience that you do not posses
  • Compose the engaging and attractive resume summary
  • Consider putting the extra-curricular activities as an experience. i.e., voluntary jobs, perform charity works, etc.
  • Outline your relevant skills
  • Employ appropriate words and try not to boast about what you have

What Is The Best Resume Format for Students

The below formats and ‘what to include’ are considered to be inserted within your resume to make your resume stand out from the others and attract the employer.

What To Include For A Student

The following matters are the things to be included within your resume if you are a student who is seeking a job.

  • Personal and contact details (comprises of name, place of residence, phone number, and email address)
  • Personal profile. Also known as a resume summary.
  • Relevant working experience
  • Education and relevant qualifications

What Are Skills That Should A Write In CV

Below are the top skills that employers looking for and expected to be possessed by the students.

  • Communication skills (e.g., friendly, customer service skills, guest services, etc.)
  • Responsible and Dependability skills (e.g., flexible, able to multi-task, organized, etc.)
  • Teamwork skills (e.g., able to collaborate with others, having good leadership, and has a positive attitude)
  • Quick Learning skills (e.g., Enthusiastic, Innovative, Energetic, and learn quickly)
  • Technology skills (e.g., proficient in using Office software, proficient in using Math solutions, able to operate social media, etc.)

Kinds of Best Resume Template for Students

There should be plenty of kinds of resume templates for students that are used for any situation. Your choice of the resume template should relevant to the situation that you have to make sure the hiring process is smooth.

Engineering Student Fresher Resume Template

Employing fresh design and perfect sectioning, this template would make your resume very engaging. The addition of mini icons and graph-like mastery skills should make it visually attractive.

Assistant Dean of Students Resume Template

The more professional the field you want to apply for, the more professional the resume should be. Employing a heading that highlights the personal information and perfect sectioning in two columns for other information, this template should be relevant to the professional field you are seeking for.

Free Medical Student Resume Format

This two-column resume template should be perfect for medical students. The personal information on the top, while another information is divided into two columns below it.

Free 2 Pages Resume Template

For several cases, it is allowable to use two pages of resume. This resume template is perfect if you want to employ comprehensive information with a pleasing visual presentation.

Free College Student Resume

The best reference to make your student resume is to use this free college student resume. The simple and minimalist style should not be a barrier to add up your creative ideas to add your sections.

Free Fresher Resume Template

Opting for a visually presented resume could be the best way to attract the employer. Using this well-designed free resume template, the hiring process should be smooth.

Sample Academic Resume Template

Altering the design with eye-friendly layouts is just the same as the highly visualized resume. This template is emphasizing in writing the academic achievements to be included within the resume, without comprising the layouts.

Sample Student Resume Template

Choosing a minimalist style while not compromising the functionality is still a good option.  Merging the lines and alignments to be the resume is the point that this resume template wants to bring to you.

Nursing Student Resume Template Sample

A major line to separate the personal information on the top, while playing the alignment for other information is the point of this template. The minimalist style should be a great option for you.

Sample Mature Student Resume Template

The classic thing is never to be a matter. The demanding layouts and alignment to fit any information about you within a page is the aim of this resume template.


Best Resume Template for Students Sample




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