Assistant Professor Job Description – What You Should Know About This Position


An assistant professor is working in colleges and universities to help the professor perform certain academic activities. Besides teaching the students, the assistant professors also conduct research and write academic articles. This position is the best start if you want to develop your career in this academic field. Learn the following assistant professor’s job description for further information.

The Responsibilities In The Assistant Professor Job Description

Providing assistant

The assistant is responsible for assisting various academic tasks for the professor. He/she is also responsible for recruitment, conducting training, and mentoring the staff.

Conducting research

As an assistant, conducting research is also the main responsibility to gain their experience in this field and increase their eligibility in the academic field. An assistant is responsible for writing certain academic journals. Additionally, the assistant also has to represent the university during the conference such as delivering presentations when it is necessary.

Teaching the students

Teaching is another main responsibility of a professor’s assistant. He has to give guidance to the students and supervise them in terms of academic things. This also includes supervising experiments and demonstrations.

Administrative duties

The administrative duties include answering the phones, email, and others. Also, the assitant should provide feedback on the progress of the students.

The Responsibilities In The Assistant Professor Job Description

  • Academic background – The educational background is from the Ph.D. with a related field. The candidate must have experience in teaching and has published articles.
  • Skills – The skills required include observational, analytical, and problem-solving skills. The experience in academic events or conferences will be preferable. Also, the candidate must be good at writing research.


What’s The Role Of Professor’s assistant?

An assistant professor has a small number of professors’ responsibilities including teaching students, supervising students to graduate, giving guidance, and providing professor the academic support. The assistant is also responsible for attending meetings regularly and does another task required.

How To Be Successful In This Position?

Being a professor assistant requires you to be able to learn faster than your peers. It is not a secret that an assistant has the irregular academic ability. He/she must be able to cope with a lot of hassle including providing academic support and deal with a certain administration process. You have to work and study faster than your peers to be eligible.

What Are The Main Duties of An Assistant Professor?

The main duties of a professor’s assistant including teaching, giving support and guidance to students, supervising students to graduate, getting involved in meetings, etc. Publishing articles regularly is also another duty of an assistant too.

Being an assistant might sound not a promising career, but it is a good start if you want to leverage your skill and put your concern to the education field. This position will give you a lot of benefits in your future career, for example, if you want to be a researcher in the future. Of course, your experience to be an assistant will help a lot. Make sure you learn well the assistant professor’s job description. This should be related to your field.



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