Armed Security Officer Job Description


People’s life is not always guaranteed even in safe country. Criminals could be anywhere after all and there will be threats to deal with. That’s where security officer is needed. Armed Security Officer job description pretty much involves around one job of protecting places and people in the country.

What’s Tasked to Security Officer to Do

The responsibility of protecting people is heavy. You need reliable person to be in such position and Reliable Armed Security Officer must be experienced too. By becoming one, you’ll ensure the safety of the country. Of course, one will be responsible for many things to do such deed for their country.

Since one is an armed officer, they have to care for the safety equipment. It has to always be in perfect condition to be used at all times. Though it seems rather trivial, experienced Armed Security Officer would know that it is necessary to be done. You can’t work without such equipment after all.

Maintaining working order of the equipment is not the only thing one should be doing. Of course, successful Armed Security Officer needs to exercise the discretion of using the weapon as well. It would be good if you can expand it more pass the mandatory level. You’ll be an outstanding officer.

Yes, it is not an easy task to be done. You will have lots of responsibilities and you need to meet the requirements to do that. After all, safety is an important matter. That is why an outstanding Armed Security Officer is in high demand. If you think you meet the needs, you can always apply for the job.

Armed Security Officer Responsibilities:

  • Maintain weapon in excellent condition for use anytime
  • Put weapon into use after exhausting non-violent options
  • Protect people in need from any kind of abusive treatments
  • Record the details and submit the incident reports
  • Ensure better safety by implementing new measures

Armed Security Officer Requirements:

  • High school or other equivalent diploma
  • Work experience as security officer
  • Training license in the use of weapons
  • Capability to work calmly under any threats
  • Willingness to work shifts anytime


What is an Armed Security Officer?

Armed Security Officer is one taking care of the security of people and places. One has to be properly and well armed even though non-violent options would always have to come first. Once everything has been dealt with, records and reports must be made for better safety developments.

What does it take to be an Armed Security Officer?

To be an Armed Security Officer, one needs to have the determination to safe someone. Facing threats heads on requires one to be brave enough. Then, strength is necessary to ensure the safety. You might qualify with just high school diploma, but experience is necessary to ensure the position.

Where one would be dispatched to as Security Officer?

Judging from Armed Security Officer job description, you should be well aware that this officer could be needed anywhere. Banks and offices are a given. However, even markets and malls are in the need of them. In some special cases, very important country figures would need body guards as well.


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