10+ Annual Report free psd template

Annual Report Template for the Business Owners


Annual report template is often used by companies or business owners to report their business’ journey throughout the year. Whether or not the business has been profitable, they will have to report that to the investors or everyone involved in the business. These are some examples of the annual report and they are all downloadable.

Annual Report Template Function


The main function of downloading a template instead of making the report from nothing is to make sure that all needed elements on the report are there on yours. A good annual report template should have everything you need to create a perfect, well-designed annual report. They are here and you can pick which one you want to use now.

Annual Report Template Essential Elements


To understand more about the template, here are some mandatory parts there:


  • Introduction

There must be a sort of introduction to open the whole report. It should contain the background and questions to answer, particularly about the company’s performance.


  • About the Company

State the brief history of the company as well as its previous achievements. It works to lure more investors as well.

  • Achievements

When the company is doing well this year, you need to explain it in details. Make sure all achievements are all shown to display the company’s great performance.


  • Future Goals and Targets

By the end of the report, of course you need to state the future goal and future target set by the company. It shows determination and constant effort.


Annual Report Template Best Designs


For some examples of the designs, the best ones are available down below:


Modern and Stylish Design

Many companies love to get portrayed as something sophisticated and advanced. That is why modern design for the annual report is so on the trend. The example is this one right here.


Simple Design

When the more important aspect is the content, rather than the design, usually the creator of the report will prefer the simpler design, like this one, compared to a high-end one.

Brochure Design

Usually an annual report is made like a book. However, for a shorter, simpler annual report, it can be made into a brochure-like design. See the example here.


Dark-Themed Design

Dark-themed something always look great, including on annual report. This is one example and it should be able to get downloaded.


Annual Report Template Download


To download any of those templates, you can do it so easily. Find the download button as they are available there. Then, the annual report template will get downloaded and saved in your device. Open the template using the compatible tool (find out the format first) and then it is ready to get edited and eventually printed.

That is the information about the report that you need to know as well as the available download for that. You need to make sure that you have the template instead of having to make the report right from the start every single time. The annual report template is there for free.

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