Animal Trainer Job Description – Requirements and Skills You Must Have



An animal trainer is a person whose job is teaching the animal to show certain behavior. They also train the animal to accustomed to be in contact with humans besides helping them understand certain commands. Typically, the animal trainer work with service animals, show animals, or even pet owners. You can learn further about animal trainer job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Animal Trainer Job Description

Discussing with the animal owners

The animal trainer needs to know about the goal of why they have to train the animal. This is why a trainer needs to discuss it with the animal trainer to know the expectations and goals. Each animal owner has different purposes for why they want to train the animal.

Developing a method

The next task is to develop a method that can give a bigger chance of meeting the expectation. The animal trainer should develop an understanding of the behavior of the animals. He or she must make training regimes.

Monitoring the animals

To make the training successful, animal trainers also have to observe and monitor the animals’ health. This is important because this influences its behavior. Besides, the animal trainer is also responsible for feeding as well as medicating them.

Providing updates

Training needs a lot of time and it depends on the animal’s characteristics. In this case, the trainer is required to provide an update about the training progress.

Giving education

Another task to perform by an animal trainer is providing education for the pet owners about, the training, behavior, and environment.

Providing care

An animal trainer also has to provide care such as cleaning the habitats, grooming, making the animals get accustomed to the humans’ voices.

The Requirements In The Animal Trainer Job Description

  • Academic background – The candidate must have a high school diploma with experience in this field. If the candidate has a bachelor’s degree, it is required to gain experience in working with animals for example in marine life.
  • Skills – The skills required include strong interpersonal, communication, listening, and presentation skills. The candidate must have a high patience and love teaching. he or she must have problem-solving skills and strong knowledge of animal behavior.

What’s An Animal Trainer’s Job?

An animal trainer has a job to give instructions to the animals and also condition them. Besides, the animal trainer also has to check the behavioral and health problems and find the best solution for the animal’s health.

What Are To Have To Become A Successful Animal Trainer?

To become an animal trainer, you must know well the animals’ behavior. You also must become a person with high patience and strong knowledge in this field. This job also requires a strong physical condition so you are required to be physically fit and have a good posture because you will deal a lot with heavy physical activities. Also, you must have excellent communication and good interpersonal skill.

What Are The Prominent Roles Of An Animal Trainer?

An animal trainer has jobs to condition the animals, and train them. He or she must check the animal’s condition and work with the pet owners to find a solution.

Note that being an animal trainer requires you to have a lot of physical activities. You are required to be physically and mentally healthy because your work will deal a lot with heavy lifting, running, and moving. make sure you don’t have allergies and make sure you know well this field so you can beat other candidates.

That is all our short explanation about the animal trainer job description. We do hope this will help you.

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