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Planning your acting resume is planning your spotlight in the acting career. People will not always be able to know you directly. Therefore, this resume is how you represent yourself. It is not difficult to learn how to make a good acting resume template. What you need to know is how to make it right. It is quite essential if you don’t want a bad light from potential directors or agencies.

What is an Acting Resume Template?


The acting resume template is actually the same with a resume that you use to apply to other professions. What makes it different is the resume specifically designed to show acting capacity. This is the start-up kit that will give a significant contribution to acting career.

It is true that an individual’s actor headshots are quite important in the eye of industry professionals. However, the resume is the second thing that acting agents and casting directors see afterward. Thus, it is a great strategy to prepare your best-acting resume template.


Important Points to Write on Acting Resume Template


The following is the list of information that’s expected to be seen on the acting resume template:


  1. Acting experiences

This is the chance to show how experienced you are in acting career. Several jobs or projects would be quite important to consider.


  1. Acting training

Training here does not always mean school plays. Even a small acting workshop that you ever joined in the school can give more points.

  1. Individual measurements and descriptions

Let the reviewer know who you are by reading the resume. Give a clear description about yourself that will convey that you are worthy.


  1. Detail information

This is an obvious thing for all types of resume since if you really want to be called for further collaboration; they need your information to contact.


  1. Specific or unique skills

From hundreds of applications submitted to an agency, one thing that can differentiate you from others is your uniqueness. It would be a privilege if you have any specific skills related to acting performance.


Acting Resume Template Sample


There are no exact rules on how to structure acting resume template. For those who just write the first acting resume, looking for a reference would be very helpful. By observing the existed template provided on the internet, you can just imitate and modify it.


The most important thing to consider when you try to find references for resume template is whether the content already covers all of the required information or not. You should also need to notice what kind of agency that you want to apply.


Acting Resume Template Format


Please take note that the resume should be in A4 paper size. Don’t forget to bring it everywhere you go, so it would be easier to take every unexpected opportunity. Moreover, you don’t need to write date of birth or even your age in acting resume template.

That’s the basic information you need before starting to write acting resume. Even though you are confident with your skills and experience, you will be left unnoticed when the acting resume is not interesting. The best and simplest way to leverage your career is by preparing a great acting resume template.

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