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About Birth Plans And How To Prepare A Birth Plan Template

Childbirth is a unique process that will differ from one mother to another. The process cannot be compared because it is very dependent on your physical condition and preferences.

The difference in labor is not merely related to the method of vaginal delivery or cesarean. There are small things that accompany the birth process that if not planned from the start can be a mother of upset.

Therefore, so that the entire labor process can meet the expectations of the mother, it is better to make a document containing a birth plan or better known as a birth plan template.

About Birth Plans And How To Prepare A Birth Plan Template

In addition to making your own, you can also make plans with birth plan template pages that have been provided by the hospital. Certain hospitals usually have a complete form containing questions about the needs of your delivery. When your birth plan is ready, review it with your partner, doula, and your obstetrician. Their input will be very meaningful for the completeness of your birth plan.

1.  Why is the birth plan needed?

The birth plan template contains written documents about the choice of mother and partner when giving birth to their baby later. The goal, then to be a subject of your discussion with a doctor, as well as a path for prospective mothers in defending their rights during the birth process takes place.

Indeed, we cannot be sure that the birth plan will be fulfilled 100% because every action taken by the medical team in the delivery room will be adjusted to the condition of the mother at that time. However, by making a birth plan, you can minimize the possibility of medical action taken without your prior knowledge.

2.  What should be considered for a note in a birth plan?

Before filling in a birth plan template, mothers can divide planning into three broad categories, namely before delivery, during delivery, and after delivery. The prenatal plan includes whoever you want to accompany in the delivery room to how you want to move during contractions, whether you just stay in bed or you need to move freely.

Meanwhile, things that Mother can record in the birth plan related to the needs during labor include the method of delivery desired. Make a note of whether you want induction assistance during labor. Also, note if you want to give birth to gentle birth.

Well, birth plans do not stop when your baby is born. You can also take notes of the things you need after delivery. For example, Mother can determine who will cut the baby’s umbilical cord. If you want an Early Breastfeeding Initiation, also note this in the birth plan checklist.

By delivering a birth plan in advance, it is expected that all parties who play a role get ready when the time comes. Also, the birth plan template is not a dead document, it still needs the flexibility of the mother when needed changes.

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