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YouTube End Screen Template Free Download and Information


Becoming a YouTuber is a quick way to money these days and that is why everyone needs YouTube end screen template. The design is used to end every video uploaded on YouTube channel. It will attract the viewers to watch more videos, to like the videos and to subscribe to the channel. Here is more information you need for that.

YouTube End Screen Template Means


The YouTube end screen template means a template you can use in the end of every video. After the video is done, place the design toward the end. Since there are designs of this end screen that display video thumbnails and links, viewers will quickly click on them and they will stay watching your channel continuously.

YouTube End Screen Template Contents


What are the contents of the end screen? These are some of the most important ones to explain:


  • “Thanks for Watching”

These are the words you will have to find in every end screen. It shows gratitude and basically makes everyone feels appreciated for watching the videos.


  • “Watch More”

Next to these words are the thumbnails to related videos from the channel. It will keep the viewers to watch more and more videos for hours.

  • “Like and Subscribe”

The number of likes for every video is important in YouTube as well as the total number of subscribers on that channel. This is why the button to subscribe will have to be displayed on the end screen


  • Social Media Links

Display the link to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter here to get more followers.


YouTube End Screen Template Themes


There are themes for every YouTube channel and they affect the end screen as well. These are some of the most popular ones:


Animal Themes

If the channel is about animal, wild life and nature, this kind of design or theme can be used easily. They are great-looking and totally capable to make the video looks interesting.


Music Themes

Tons of YouTube channels are about music and this is why these music-themed end screens are great to use. It shows guitars and other music instruments there.

Simple Themes

Instead of using themes, everyone can use simple template for the end screen. It is like using one solid color with bold design in it.


Colorful Themes

If the channel is all about kids or fun and craft, colorful end screen can be used. It will make sure that the video is still watchable until the end.


YouTube End Screen Template Importance


The importance of this end screen is to keep your viewers on the channel a bit longer. They will see more video options and they will easily find the subscribe button, too. That way, your channel is going to grow bigger and eventually you can monetize your YouTube channel for sure. This is why YouTube end screen template is always important.

Now you have seen several options of the end screen. You can pick anything you want and eventually make your YouTube videos a bit more interesting, even to the very end of the videos. Use the YouTube end screen template to enhance your channel in an easier way.

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