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Weekly Calendar Template for Managing Time Effectively and Efficiently

Teachers must provide schedule for weekly lesson plan. Employees have obligation to follow all plans for a week. At home, you also have the chores and groceries. Those are the examples of situation when you must have weekly calendar template.

Some people are too busy with trivial things. They must prioritize the things to be done in one week. This template provides the guidance on how you develop schedule for your activities from Monday to Sunday. The template includes all seven days. On the other hand, you may modify and adjust the components based on your need.

Weekly Calendar Template Idea and Concept

The idea of weekly calendar template comes from the situation when you only 24 hours, but there are many things to be done. Some people must work and do not have time for trivial things. On the other side, everything will be in the good hand if there is calendar with schedule.

Weekly Calendar Template Main Design

You can use spreadsheet application for designing the weekly calendar. This is not difficult task, but you may end up having plain design. For the advanced need, you must obtain the proper template. The design is specifically dedicated for managing the weekly calendar. You will get various designs that can be adjusted with your need.

Weekly Calendar Template Components

Weekly calendar template has some components that mostly similar each other’s. The only difference is where you implement the calendar. For example, a lesson plan is necessary to be done in school. In the office, employees have their own schedule. Even though both are from completely different situation, the key components are still similar. Check the following list for more explanation.

Date and time

It is calendar template for weekly basis, which means the first section is for the date and time. One sheet contains the days that you will use. The company uses only five days. For personal calendar, all days must be included. After that, each day has a section for time and duration.


Weekly calendar template has columns for activities. It can have various names depending on the purpose of calendar. In general, this part is where you enlist all activities for one week. Start from Monday, and you should also set the time.


Duration and result

Duration is added next to the time or activity column. You must manage the time efficiently. You have the tasks for one week and distribute with this calendar. After that, the template provides result or outcome. After completing the project or task, you can check whether the result is good or bad.

Additional note

The last part is additional note for something you forget or come without you know previously. This part will be important reference for the next schedule.

Weekly Calendar Template Format and Platform

New technology brings more useful templates. Weekly calendar template is available with various format and platform. Mostly, the template is a spreadsheet file. On the other side, you can get the template with platform for graphic design, word processor, and website.

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