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Wedding Invitation Template, Examples and More


Some wedding invitation templates are just so helpful to save your wedding budget. It is understandable that wedding cost tons of money. That is why most couples will be happy to stay away from expensive wedding invitation budget. Instead of ordering it from pricey bridal store, it will always more affordable to make your own wedding invitation. To do that, you need template. Find some of them here.

Wedding Invitation Template Importance


What are these wedding invitation templates so essential? Well, as stated before, they help you save your money for the wedding. Besides of that, most templates are just so good already and created by skillful graphic designer so that you do not have to worry about getting the guests an awfully-designed invitation card. Even when you have zero skill of graphic designing, the templates will keep giving you stunning invitation result.


Wedding Invitation Template Contents


What should be written on the card? These are some of them.


  • Bride and Grooms Name

Who’s getting married? Their name should be the focus on the card. It should be written boldly to make sure everyone know who the bride and groom are.


  • Wedding Date

The next thing everyone should write on a wedding invitation card is the date of the wedding itself. It will help people to prepare for the date even better.

  • Venue Information

Whether it is a destination wedding or a simple backyard wedding, the venue needs to be listed. People cannot decide to attend or not to attend without venue information.


  • RSPV Number

If you want to make sure how many people will attend the nuptial event, get them RSPV number. The guests can call the number to tell whether or not they attend.


Wedding Invitation Template Styles and Designs


These are some of the most popular styles and designs for the card:


Clean White Design

Weddings are associated with the color white. It makes sense if the invitation is made in an elegant, pure white color design.


Vintage Design

If the party is vintage wedding, everything should be vintage, including the invitation. It uses old-paper look with the old-fashioned letters to write the content.

Themed Design

Themed design means that the invitation card will be designed according to the particular theme of the wedding. It makes everything looks cohesive.


Floral Design

Flowers are mandatory in a wedding. This is why an invitation card design with flowers as the base design is always high on demand.


Wedding Invitation Template Best Format


The best format for wedding invitation templates should be Photoshop as this is the tool most people use to edit their invitation card. However, if you find the templates in any other format, do not worry as the format is easy to alter. All you need to do is just converting the format into the one that you want to use the most, even when it is like the most basic one, like Word, for example.


Those are the explanations related to the wedding invitation. If you want the design for free, there is no need to contact a graphic designer and ask for one. It will be rude not to pay them. Instead, get your own wedding invitation templates here. There are many of them and all you have to do is downloading them and then using the design as invitations for the wedding ceremony.


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