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Best Organized and Free Wedding Guest List Template

Wedding guest list template is a tool that can assist you by keeping track of people that you’re planning to invite to your wedding event. It does more than helping you to be organized, but also to make sure that no one important is forgotten. The template is able to be modified as detailed or as simple as you’d prefer. It is available to download for free as well.

Wedding Guest List Template Purpose

For majority of married couples, creating guest list for their wedding is neither something that enjoyable nor an easy one. The process may turn into really challenging if there are several opinions being conflicted. It is, unfortunately, a common thing to happen during a wedding planning. Just by getting of a first draft, you’d be surprised of the amount of people that needs to make a cut – from family, friends, co-workers, or parents’ friends.

However, it needs to be done anyway. The template here will help you to list and press the guest list neatly, to save the valuable time of yours during busy phase of wedding planning.

Wedding Guest List Template Tips

When it’s time to begin working on the list, there are several considerations such as number of guests that must be invited. Read the consideration tips regarding this particular wedding guest list template matter below:

Measure your budget

Budget is the main determining factor in guest list size for a lot of couple. Once the expenditure of a reception has been calculated, you can move on to count and come up with the number of guests that you can afford to invite conveniently.

Prioritize family and friends: begin the list with total number of people. Then work your way to parents, siblings, grandparents, uncle and aunt, best friends, first cousin. Only then you can list the rest of people that you’d want to invite.


Plus-one: you must provide clear statement inside the invitation related to additional guest acceptability. You can allow an individual guest to bring date if your budget allows – and do include it inside the note of invitation. If the budget disagrees, you also have to be clear that the invitation is only for person with name on the invitation.


Children: determine whether you want any children to attend the wedding before mailing out the invitation. Remember that there’s a chance that children cost as much as adult so they have to be counted over everyone that attend your reception.

Wedding Guest List Template

Creating the wedding guest list is a little more complicated than simply making a list of everyone you’d like to celebrate with. There are plenty of people you definitely want to be there, others you’d might prefer to skip, and those who may or may not make the cut. Stressed out about putting your guest list together? Follow the five key steps below to make the guest-list process smooth and drama-free.

Creating guest list for your wedding is a little more complex than making a list of people that you would want to celebrate with. Of course, it is possible that you want as many people that you know to be there, but some may not make the cut into the list. The wedding guest list template cannot make everything suddenly went smooth and stress-free, but at least it can help you to create a proper list of it.

Downloadable Wedding Guest List Template

Sure, making a guest list for wedding reception might seem daunting at first. However, plenty of different decisions about your wedding event will fall into fitting place once this step is completed. Download the free wedding guest list template to make it in such no time.

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