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Free Wedding Ceremony Program Template for Your Special Day


Are you looking for wedding ceremony program template? If you do, well first congratulation on the wedding and get some templates here. These are free for you to use and surely will help you ease the process of preparing the wedding. Use these templates and you can make sure that the program will look as good as possible.

Wedding Ceremony Program Template Function


The function of the program is to help the guests of the wedding ceremony to get through the entire ceremony. Without the program, it will be hard for everyone to determine what comes next on the wedding. This is the reason why wedding ceremony program template is always important to get downloaded by the bride or groom.

Wedding Ceremony Program Template Content


What should be found on the program? Find out down below:


  • Bride and Groom Information

The information about who the bride is and who the groom is should be the focus on the cover of the wedding ceremony program.

  • Wedding Personnel

The name of the person officiate the wedding should be written. The names of the bridesmaid, maid of honor, best man and so on should be written as well.

  • Location/Date and Time

Just in case the guests are wondering where they really are, state the location of the wedding on the program as well as the date and time.

  • Order of Service

To make it less unexpected for the guests, list the order of service for the ceremony so that they know what is coming first to last.


Wedding Ceremony Program Template Designs


Some of the best designs for the program are here for you to read:


Brochure Wedding Ceremony Program

A lot of couples prefer their wedding ceremony program to look like brochure. It seems simpler yet contains tons of needed information.

Booklet Wedding Ceremony Program

If there are numerous things to be there on the program, including displaying some pre-wedding pictures, booklet design is probably the best one to choose.

One-Page Wedding Ceremony Program

If the wedding ceremony is a kind of short and quick one, one-page program is enough for everything. The example can be seen down below.

Digital Wedding Ceremony Program

Waste no paper and make the program digital. They do not need to be printed and you can surely get more freedom with the design.


Wedding Ceremony Program Template Formats


Since the wedding program is a very versatile thing, you can basically make it on any tools, including Photoshop and even the Microsoft Word. If you like to inserts lots of designs and pictures, PSD format will be the best. As for the simpler one, use a doc format for the wedding ceremony program template instead. It is easier to edit and to print as well.

Those are some examples for the program. Get all of them now and you can prepare the wedding even easier. There is no need to think about making the program anymore as the best wedding ceremony program template is available already.



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