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Ready-Made Valentine Card Template for Your Loved Ones


Valentine card template is used when Valentine’s Day is comings soon. There are a lot of people, especially men, who send romantic-looking card to their partner or spouse on the special day. So, where should you find the template for the card? It is all right here and they are all downloadable. Check them out down below and get some more explanations about the cards here.

Valentine Card Template Characteristics


The characteristics of Valentine card template are including the color schemes and designs. Almost all cards with Valentine’s Day purpose have the color pink. Usually, the design won’t be too far from the typical things and gifts revolved around the romantic date, including flowers, a box of chocolate, teddy bears, and things like that.

Valentine Card Template Common Types


The common types of the Valentine’s Day card are displayed down below:


  • Folded Card

Folded card is the most common type of card, One A4 page is usually for one card. It gives plenty of space to write on the messages or wishes on the inside.

  • Small Bouquet Card

This card is commonly placed inside a bouquet of flowers. The size is way smaller than the common folded card. It should contain a shorter message.

  • Full Page Card

The full page card does not get folded. They look like a poster instead and they are usually placed on the table or on the wall.

  • Pop-up Card

Pop-up cards are harder to make as there are layers on them and the layers are magically coming together as something when the card is being opened.


Valentine Card Template Examples


These are the examples of the card design that you can use:


Be Mine” Valentine Card

The most common phrase of the Valentine’s Day card is “Be Mine”. The example should be able to get downloaded here. It shows you exactly how the card looks like.

Red Rose Valentine Card

Red hearts and red roses are just the basic combo for the Valentine celebration. You can take a look at the example on this one right here and download them later if you like.

Chocolate Box Valentine Card

Valentine’s Day is always related to a box of chocolate. It is like the common thing you give to your loved one on that day. This card design right here is using chocolate box as the theme.

Flower Valentine Card

Valentine is also synonymous with flowers. They are super romantic and the card should be super romantic looking, too.


Valentine Card Template Formats


As the card is meant to be printed at the end, it is better for you to look for the template in PSD or CDR format. You can also download the one with In Design format. However, make sure whichever you download; you can handle the tool to edit them. With the right format of the Valentine card template, editing the card won’t seem hard.


Those are some of the best examples that you can use to make your own card. Make sure that the card is going to be dashing enough to be presented to your loved one by downloading the right Valentine card template from the list above.


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