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Best High-Quality and Appealing Twitter Banner Template

Twitter is surely a crowded place and it is not even a secret anymore. You have to make a profile that looks legit if you want people to read about what you say and have them stick around. One of the many ways to do this is by using an appealing header – which can make you appear to be professional and trustworthy if one right. That’s exactly what the Twitter banner template will do for you for free!

Thanks to the banner template for twitter here, you can create a polished, on-brand, and professional looking header easily. You don’t even need any skill of graphic designing, as the template is purposely created to empower people that have less knowledge about designing and editing.

Twitter Banner Template Guidelines

Before you try to use Twitter banner template, read about several recommended guidelines for header images from the official platform below:

The quick rule of header image size is that it has to be created and uploaded in 1500 pixels for width and 500 pixels for height. The 1500×500 pixel that has an aspect ratio of 3×1 is the recommended dimension by Twitter.

The header image may present in these few following formats: JPG, PNG, or GIF. However, keep a note that animated GIF is not supported for both the banner and the profile image.

The allowed image file size for both banner and profile image is under 2MB.

Twitter Banner Template Tips

Follow these steps to use Twitter banner template:

Choose the header image template with color and them that suit with your profile so your Twitter account appearance will look cohesive. You may put your brand colors and your logo during customization if you have a website.

Edit the text or remove it. One wonderful thing about customizable template, you can change the style, color, font, or size. You’d be able to put your tagline, share motivational quote, or choose not to put text – it’s all entirely up to you.

Put interesting image. By having you Twitter profile in beautiful and bright header imagery, you may encourage the people to stick around. Select high quality image, with creative yet professional vibe. If you cannot find any that fit your preference, you may use your own image.

Professional-Looking Twitter Banner Template

These templates for Twitter header image are created professionally in order to provide you several amazing options. Visual aspect aside, you do not need to worry about dimensions or sizes, because they are already formatted to follow recommendations from the platform.

There isn’t anything worse than having pixelated or blurry banner if you want to build your Twitter branding. Newcomers might write off from your profile easily and move on. With these templates, you’d be able to access high quality, clean, and crisp work that can be downloaded for free and uploaded easily to your profile.

Free Twitter Banner Template

Get the perfect header sizing right for Twitter profile is sometimes frustrating despite of the recommended sizing. That’s why using Twitter banner template is the easiest way to get the work done. You can pick from different professionally made header images that will match you personally, and they are all for free.



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