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A title page template is often taken for granted. People do not think that title page is that important. The more important one, they thought, is the content. However, the title page is apparently as important as it can be. Readers will find out about the content through the title page. If they do not look that interesting, there is no way that the content will be read.

Title Page Template Importance


Down below there are several examples of the title page template. However, why are they important for you to download? If you have that question, the answer is because you will need them to make sure that your report or research will be read. A good title page will indicate a good content. That way, everyone gets interested to read your report.

Title Page Template Elements


There are several key elements that you need to display on the title page, they are:


  • Title and Subtitle

There has to be title as well as subtitles on the front cover. State them in big, bold letters to make sure everyone gets the title right.

  • Author’s Information

The name of the author, their title and their association are important to be written on the title page. After all, they are the one responsible for the content.

  • Company/Institution Logo

To make the title page legitimate, there must be something like logo or images about the company or institution inserted on the cover.

  • Date of Submission

State the date of submission on the title page and you will be able to tell when does the report is made.


Title Page Template Examples


The title page examples that you can freely download are:


Project Title Page

This is a title page you can use for a project at school or at a company. It has simpler structure and everyone can use it.


Test Report Title Page

For companies that has test report, use this template to make a good, well-designed front cover page.

Scientific Report Title Page

Scientific report is usually way more formal. The example of its front cover is available to download right here.

Financial Report Title Page

This one right here is the example for financial report. It should allow you to make a title page that is obvious and subtle.


Title Page Template Tips


The tips to use title page is to make sure you know exactly what type of title page you will have to use. Beside of that, make sure that you have colored ink on your printer as the title page is usually completed by logo or by something colorful. If they are printed in black and white, the result of the title page template won’t be that good.


After the content of the report or research is done, your job is now getting the title page. Instead of spending hours in front of the computer trying to design the title page, use the templates over here. They are free and the title page template is so good to use.


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