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For some people, working in a theater is a fulfilling job. Managing the events, art, and meeting audiences while getting more money is the best thing to do. If you have a strong passion for the entertainment industry, this job must be one of your plans. However, in any kind of field, there will always be competition. This is important to write a professional theater resume.

In terms of writing a resume, it shouldn’t take a long time for you. But if you are still not familiar with how to make a professional one, you can find many templates with various formats and layouts. On this page, you will find some of the best.

Kohta Yamamoto

Personal Info

Date of Birth: 30 April 1995

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Heigh: 186 cm

Skin color: Complexion

Eye color: Blue

Contact info:

Phone: (667)188-987-234



A highly motivated actor with a bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Art is applying for a villain role as ‘Falco Griece’ for the upcoming project of “Before the Fall” in Classy Theater. I played multiple roles as the villain in the past two years and I possess a strong dedication and eagerness to make the character alive.


1) Actor

University Project, “Waiting for the Dawn”

26 May 2019

  • Playing a role as the main character, Porco Galliard
  • Remembering all the scripts and developing character
  • Coordinating with other actors to make an outstanding act

2) Lighting Crew

University Project, “Savagery”

26 May 2018

  • Arranging lighting session during play based on the scenes
  • Develop and decide which lighting styles to use to make a dramatic act
  • Coordinating with the director, crew, and actors so the lighting can follow the story well


Graisson Acedmy of Art



GPA: 3.8

Relevant Coursework: Character Development In A Monologue Act

Membership: Colossal Theater Community, Hamilton

Key Skills

  • Sharp memory
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Analytical thinking


  • Best Actor in A National Teather Competition USA, 2019
  • Best Supporting Actor in Theater Regional Competition Hamilton, 2018


  • English
  • French
  • German

What To Write In A Theatre Resume?

Typically, we just write basic personal, skills and experience in the resume. But when it comes to the theatre resume, it has a little difference. Make sure you include the following list:

  • Physical attributes
  • Previous roles or experience in a show
  • Education
  • Relevant training
  • Relevant experience
  • Special skills

What Are Not To Include In The Resume?

Of course, there is some information which you should not put in your resume. If you have made a resume, ensure you don’t include the following list:

Never write the physical address on the resume

writing a physical address on the resume is dangerous and potentially leads to a crime. Many people put complete address on the resume which this can put them in a high risk. In case you are applying for a local organization or institution, you can add your address but just your town, and zip code.

Putting acting experience that is not related to the role

If you are a beginner, you don’t have to put in a lot of acting experience especially if it is not related to the role you are applying for. Instead, join the training as many as you can and then put it in your resume. This is more acceptable and after all, the director wants to see how good you are acting in front of them because they want to know if you are suitable for the role.

Kinds of Theatre Resume Template

Theater Resume Template

If you need a professional theatre resume template, this one is one of the best with the most detailed sections from your personal information, your physical appearance, career summary, career objective, and many more.

Teacher Actor Resume Template

If you want to apply as an actor, you need a special template that is designed for acting. One of the main important things to show is the training and acting experience. This template is a perfect choice for you.

Musical Theater Resume Template

If your passion is to act in a musical project, you need to convince the hiring manager that you are an eligible candidate. This template is designed specifically for a musical act, which you can mention your best skills, training, and experience here.

Technical Theater Resume Sample

This is another great template with a simple design. You can reuse this template for any kind of theater resume. It makes the hiring manager easier to notice your potential.

Theater Director Resume Sample

Are you passionate enough to be a director, but you have no experience yet? Don’t worry! This template is for you because it helps you emphasize the aspects that you still lack in. Of course, provide a link to the portfolio so you can convince your hiring manager.

Theater Technician Resume Sample

If you know some technical works, why not applying as a theater technician? This template helps you emphasize your skill in this sector. Knowing various technical things will be a big opportunity for you.

High school Theater Resume Example

Todays, theatre leaders in high school can be an excellent opportunity for you. You can apply as one of the theater teachers in your favorite schools and use your potential here.

Operation Theater Resume Sample

This is another template you need to use if you want to apply as an operation theater. This position typically has lower competition that you can beat your competitor easier.

Theatrical Resume Template

Show your best potential using this template. It has excellent details on showing your best qualifications. Besides, this template also consists of original content that you can erase and edit on your own.

Theater Resume Builder

Tired of making a new resume from the start? Probably you will need this resume builder. It is a template that allows you to write an original resume easily which you only need to fill in the details inside.


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