Tailor Job Description – What To Know Before Applying


Tailor has a job to repair, alter, and modify the garments based on the customers’ requests. The tailor job description list the following responsibilities, duties, and skills which we list below:

  • Restyling outdated garments based on the customers’ requests which includes sewing hooks, buttons, and also zippers.
  • Assisting the clients in picking the right fabric.
  • Discussing the design, repair, and alteration requests with the clients for making sure the results meet their orders.
  • Measuring the clients’ bodies completely based on the garment models by using a tape measure.
  • Recording the measurements and preferences of the clients as well as the instructions.
  • Placing labels on the garments as requested.
  • Making garment modifications based on the orders, for example, lining sheer garments, tapering the legs of the pants, adding padding, and also removing pockets.
  • Altering garments to improve their comfort and fitness such as narrowing lapels, shortening the straps, sleeves, etc.
  • Repairing the garments, for example, sewing holes and tears.
  • Helping the customers constructing the garments based on their ideas, preferences as well as specifications.
  • Explaining the costs and time estimation to the clients.

Skills In The Tailor Job Description

Even though a tailor doesn’t necessarily require a high degree, but there are some obvious skills to be fulfilled, such as;

  • Having strong knowledge of fabrics, constructions, and clothing designs.
  • Excellent ability in using the sewing machine and other accessories to support the job.
  • Having excellent problem-solving, organizational, and management skills because this job is providing services.
  • Having excellent sewing skills.
  • Having strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The strong ability in handling complaints and exceptional customers.
  • Having good hand coordination.
  • Loving and paying to details a lot.

Besides, the candidate who wants to apply for this position must be experienced in this field, or able to perform tailor task excellently.

If you are planning to apply as a tailor, besides understanding the duties, skills, and responsibilities stated in the tailor job description, you can use the following objective statements to help you prepare your resume.

  • I would like to gain more experience as a tailor by joining your company.
  • Knowing your company is looking for a tailor, I am ready to use all of my knowledge and skills to grow with your team.
  • I will use all of my skills and experiences in garments to work as a tailor in your company.
  • After reading your tailor job description, I would love to apply as a candidate.
  • I would be glad if you give me a chance to present my skills and experience in garment industries.
  • I am a skilled – and experienced tailor and want to improve my experience. I am ready to work with your company as a professional tailor.
  • Garments are my passion and I have a lot of experience in dealing with the types of garments in my last job. Now I want to gain more experience by joining your organization.

That’s all our summary about the tailor job description. Make sure you read and understand the requirements well before applying.

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