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Table of Contents Template and Some Information You Need to Know


Table of Contents (TOC) is one crucial aspect many printed media should have. It outlines and gives a brief description of what the printed contents are having. Without it, readers will spend more time to head to their desired page. Table of Contents is not only found in books, but the scientific papers such as thesis/dissertation, entertainment-purpose printed media like magazines, or formal reports, also need this. There are various ways to present the outlines as well. Some formal documents prefer simplicity for its look, while magazines will use more artistic table of contents. Whatever the media is, there is one thing for sure: using table of contents template will never go wrong!

Why Should You Use Table of Contents Template?


Here are several reasons why you need a template to design your TOC.


  • It eases you making it. All you need is only customizing the template to fit the outline of document.
  • Using table of contents template will cut the additional time you need to build a neat TOC. It is possible to type manually, but it takes a long time.
  • This usually happens in a word document: a simple mistake may ruin your table of contents which you’ve typed manually for hours.

Types of Table of Contents Template


As previously mentioned, there are various types of table of contents template you can find on the internet. First is file type like Word processor templates (.doc) and (.pdf) file, image editor application-friendly, such as (.png) and (.psd). Second is content-wise, which includes the text-only table of contents (for books, journals, reports, or any scientific papers), and Multi-contents for entertainment-purpose media, such as magazines.


Table of Contents Template Trends


You can always find the trend at your fingertip: the internet does wonder for us to know what’s trending on this planet, including table of contents’ trends. Below are some examples to lift up the value of design. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the classic word processor templates.


  • Using a representative symbol for each chapter

If the book has systematic chapters that represent one topic for each chapter, then this design can be a brilliant choice to make. Find a customizable TOC template that enables you to give icons identifying each chapter.

  • One-stop place to see all headline pictures

Showcase the major headline pictures in your TOC. Combine it with columned table of contents. This can take up to two pages, but it will make your TOC more enchanting for sure. You don’t have to mention all headlines for this template.


  • One background photo with columned table of contents

This is a step-up of minimalism design. You can insert one photo to customize your template, then have the TOC be columned and typed in a small font size.


How to Use Table of Contents Template


Shortly, after you downloaded the desired table of contents template, open the template file with the compatible program. For example, you need word-processor to open .doc file, while you need an image editor application to open image file such as .psd/.png. Then, customize it to match the content and preferences. Change the color, play with the font style or anything – feel free to customize.

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