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 SWOT Analysis Template and Explanations


SWOT analysis template is usually sought by those who need to make in-depth analysis about something, especially about its surrounding, opponent and more. If you are looking for this kind of template as well and want to find out more about the SWOT table, you can read the information down below. It will surely give you a better insight of the table.

SWOT Analysis Template Function


There are quite a lot of functions of SWOT analysis template. However, its main template is that it can be used to analyze and make comparison specifically. Usually, people who are using this table are the one who want to start a business or effort. The table will help analyzing the new business strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It will decide whether or not the new thing worth a shot.


SWOT Analysis Template Key Essentials


The essential elements that have to be on a SWOT tables are:


  • The “S” in the table is for strength. It shows and lists all the positive and strengths possessed by the business or the new attempt.


  • The “W” is for weaknesses. This is the contrary of the “S”. It should display all the flaws and liability of the attempt or the new efforts.

  • As for the “O”, it stands for opportunities. It lists the analysis leading to the conclusion whether or not the new attempt will stand a chance or to survive.


  • Last but not least, the “T”. Letter “T” on SWOT stands for threats. It should be displaying the possible threats and menace related to the effort that may prevent it from succeeding.


SWOT Analysis Template Best Designs


Some of the best designs for SWOT tables are:


Multiple-Colored Design

This design uses different colors to indicate each part of the table. It looks contrast and thus making it easier to understand.


Classic Table Design

If you like to use excel-like format for the table, this design should be the best. It looks really classic, simple, yet subtle.

Arrow Design

This is a SWOT table with arrow design. It shows priority and it looks the table a little bit more livelily. This is a great one for presentation.


Puzzle Design

If the table is addressed to younger community, it will be better if the table has a bit of whimsical design, like puzzles in this example.


SWOT Analysis Template Common Format


SWOT analysis template can be made using anything, including Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and many more. To select the best template, make sure you know what the template is going to be used. If they are used in presentations, Power Point template will do. If you need the template to be printed later on, probably choose the one with Photoshop (PSD) format.

Now, you have read all about SWOT table and all the information revolved around it. Make sure before getting the template, you know exactly what kind of SWOT table you want, including from its design and format. If you need some, those examples and SWOT analysis template above can surely help as you do not need to go looking for it anywhere else.


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