10+ Sample Internship Curriculum Vitae


Sample Internship Curriculum Vitae

The internship is one of the most important things before entering the real world. It helps you learn the real field before exactly getting involved there. However, applying for an internship program is not easy. Still, you have to beat competitors outside there. This is why you need to write a proper resume or CV. On this page, we help you find the best sample internship curriculum vitae. You can use these examples as a reference.

Ray Wilmer

Personal Info

Phone: (878)898-909-898

Email: eray.wilmer@gmail.com


English major student with interpersonal and detail-oriented skills seeking a position as an intern in the IT department at the ABC company. Excel at working in a team with a two-year experience as a Captain in the Lanconsi team at YGT University.


Captain of A Football Team

May 2018 – April 2020

Lanconsi Team at School of Digital Marketing, California

  • Coordinating with the team member during practice and match
  • Making sure all team member was prepared in every competition and practice
  • Coordinating with the coach on how to implement the strategies and handle the team
  • Maintaining a solid relationship among members

Content Lead (Freelancer)

January 2017- February 2018

Diginet School, California

  • Assisting SEO analyst in keyword research
  • Mapping content ideas based on the keyword provided
  • Distributing content to other content writers
  • Doing a check on each content submitted by the writers


Bachelor of Marketing

California State University, California, US

Expected Graduation: 2021

GPA: 3.7

Relevant Coursework: SQL, JavaScript, DataBase, PHP

Membership: Katrina Programmer

Key Skills

  • Interpersonal
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Research
  • Analytical thinking


  • Best Captain in California Football Competition, 2018
  • Student of the Year, 2019


  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese

How to Write A Resume For An Intern Position?

Writing a resume for an internship is generally similar to a regular resume. However, because your focus here is to learn in the real field, you need to be qualified as well so you won’t mess up the company’s system. This is why you also need to write the resume properly. At least, make sure your resume contains the following sections:

  • Your personal information from contact info and complete name
  • The summary contains the summary of your skills, experience, objective, and education.
  • Key skills that match with the company requirements
  • Educational background
  • Working experience or some volunteer works
  • Interest

What Are The Skills To Write On My Internship Resume?

Because most interns don’t have experience, they can focus on some soft skills which are beneficial for the company, such as:

  • Problem-solving
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Independent
  • Leadership
  • Working in team
  • Resilient
  • Passionate
  • etc

How To Make My Resume Look Better In Front of Employer?

As an intern, it is normal if you start feeling worried about your experience. While you are on your study, your chance to explore something is lower. However, you still can do something to make your resume outstanding, such as:

What Are Some Ways To Get My  First Internship?

The internship is indeed a tricky job, but it is not difficult if you try to do something such as:

  • Trying to make your CV or resume perfect
  • Utilize the university career’s service
  • Send some speculative applications
  • Find some job listing on the websites
  • Do some volunteer work

Kinds Of Internship Curriculum Vitae Template

Editable Internship CV Template

So, if you are looking for a template with a beautiful design and great sections, you can try this template. On a fewer pages, you can explain your best potential by simply editing this one.

Medical Internship Curriculum Vitae Sample

For a certain reason, a medical internship CV is different compared to another field. Not because this job is more serious, but it is more like showing how good and professional you are. Besides, having a simple CV format helps the hiring manager find your potential.

Student Internship Curriculum Vitae

Whether you are a high school or university student, there are times that you are required to join an internship program as a part of your credit. However, getting accepted as an intern in a high-competitive industry is not easy. This is why this template was designed. It is to help you make the best profile version that can convince the employers.

Psychology Curriculum Vitae

We consider this template is the best one to give to you. It comes with the most complete sections enabling you to write any detail related to the psychology field, such as certification, skills, and experience. Use this template to impress the employer!

Undergraduate Internship CV Template

For some reason, many students are in a dilemma because they think without experience, they won’t get accepted. This is why many of them feeling lost about how to write it correctly. This template can be an easy guide for students who are planning for an internship.

Pharmacy Curriculum Vitae Sample

If you don’t know what to write on your CV, then probably you need to find an example to guide you. This one is good for helping you get the idea. Write your best qualification using this template for free.

HR Internship Curriculum Vitae

For everyone who is eying an HR position in the future, it is the right time to start applying for an internship program in this department.  Since the department has fewer seats for interns, you must make your CV look outstanding. Use this CV template to help you!

Law Internship Curriculum Vitae Example

It is not easy to compete in the law field as an intern. When you have no experience and have fewer things to offer, you should think out loud about how to make your resume great. This example can be your best guide while it also enables you to edit the template easily with your version.


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