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Interesting Idea and Style of Restaurant Menu Template

When visiting a restaurant, the menu list is placed at the entry points. People can read and decide either to order or not. On the other hand, you can sit in fine-dining restaurant and receive the menu card. In general, the designs for every menu have attractive and interactive composition. Restaurant wants it to be a part of business and marketing. This is when restaurant menu template becomes necessary.

Restaurant owners often do not have enough time for designing their menu card. In fact, they have things at hand, such as kitchen, order, supply, inventory, client, etc. Usually, they hire professional for handling this task. With the template, designing menu card is simple and easy.

Restaurant Menu Template Idea

The idea of this template comes from various sources. You may have restaurant that serves steak and beef. From the list of template, find some files that are suitable for such menu. After that, edit and expand it based on your situation.

Moreover, you may have raw sketch on paper about menu design. With the template, you can implement the idea quickly and precisely. Designing from beginning takes time, especially if you are busy with the order and daily operation. In short time, the menu card is ready, and the design is adjustable with the latest situation. Your restaurant ma have special evening, and the template will provide the best reference. This is what restaurant menu template does.

Restaurant Menu Template Design and Samples

To know more about the template for restaurant menu, you should learn from the samples, and explore some designs. Here are some of them.

  • Simple restaurant menu
  • Menu for food joints
  • Fine-fining menu
  • Menu for food stalls

Restaurant Menu Template Components

You can distinguish the menu after seeing the components. Restaurant menu template gives guidance what to be done when designing the menu card. Check the following list for more explanation.

  1. Title or menu name

The menu card has the name to identify the content. You can use restaurant name as the title if most of foods are regular. For special event, you should put the simple and elegant title. For example, you can make special dinner for Christmas. The menu has new look, and the title is replaced with relevant name.


  1. List of food names

After the title, the next thing is the list of foods. This part can have various styles. You may separate foods with some categories, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages.

  1. Price

One thing you cannot forget is the price. Usually, the list of food and price will be put side by side. You know the price that you must pay when ordering the food. Some high-end restaurants do not have pricelist, but the specific way to indicate the price.


  1. Food photos

You can use photos to explain the food that customers will get. For example, you can add steak and its photo then the explanation, such as cooking method, level, ingredients, and seasonings. In this case, your menu will look like catalogue.

Restaurant Menu Template Format

You can actually make it easily with Ms. Word. However, the result is plain, but it is enough for basic information. For the elegant style and design, you need the ready-made restaurant menu template. It has several formats depending on the software you use.

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