4+ Registered Nurse Resume Example


Registered Nurse Resume Example

To be a registered nurse, someone has to pass the nursing program and meet the standard of either a country, a state, or other authorized organizations in giving nursing licenses. Having a nursing license can be beneficial for someone when they apply for a job, as it becomes a plus point to the employer.

The career opportunity of a registered nurse is widely acceptable in any health care facility. They can work in the hospital, clinic, or private medical practice. Aside from meeting the requirements of being a registered nurse in a specific health care facility, the applicants have to create a good registered nurse resume example to the employer.

Nursing Resume Sample with Clinical Experience

Working as a registered nurse, there is a lot of important information to tell on your resumes, like your certifications, your skills, and your professional experience. Here is a sample of a nursing resume with some clinical experience.

Patricia Renaldo

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-123-123

Email: markrichardson@email.com


Professional and licensed registered nurse with 5+ years’ clinical experience in providing the best patient care and assisting numerous medical procedures. Maintained 92-96% patients’ satisfaction in previous workplaces and has led the nurse hiring process for two years in a row.


Registered Nurse at ABC Hospital

2018 – 2020

  • Checking patients’ medical history
  • Checking patients’ condition like blood pressure, height, and weight before the medical procedures
  • Keeping the patients’ medical results
  • Consulting with doctors regarding the best treatment for patients
  • Educating patients about the treatment plans
  • Directing the nurse hiring process
  • Participating in nurse management in conducting regular nurse performance evaluation

Registered Nurse at Private Medical Practice

2015 – 2018

  • Welcoming patients in a friendly manner
  • Checking patients’ condition before and after the treatment given
  • Conducting a consultation with patients and patients’ families regarding the medication and treatment plans
  • Consulting with nurses and doctors about the patients’ best treatment
  • Preparing the medical equipment and medication for the medical procedures


MA Nursing at ABC State University, 2013 – 2015

BA Nursing at XYZ Medical School, 2009 – 2013

GPA: 3.85

Relevant Coursework: Public Health and Safety Training Program, Phlebotomy Training

Graduation: 2015

Membership: Registered Nurse Association

Key Skills

  • Excellent medical terminology
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Compassion

Achievements and Certifications

  • Phlebotomy Certificate
  • Patient Nursing Care
  • CPR Certification


  • English
  • French

How to Write a Registered Nurse Resume?

In writing a registered nurse resume, you need to pay attention to several things to make sure you have an outstanding resume.

  • Read thoroughly of what the employer wants, from the work position to qualifications
  • Think of the relevant information about yourself that suits what the employer wants
  • Choose the best resume format that showcases your strengths
  • Make sure all the relevant information is covered on your resume
  • Use resume template if it’s possible, but pay attention to the design and language used
  • Don’t lie about any of your information. Everything will be checked by the employer so it’s better to always tell the truth

What does a Registered Nurse write on the Resume?

In a registered nurse resume, there are things you need to include to boost up your impression of the employer. The list below will show you what should be written on your resume.

  • Professional summary. Write a not-boring paragraph that sums up your positive traits, professional experience, and contributions in your former workplace. Make an outstanding explanation but still stay on track.
  • Professional experience. It shows how experienced you are in your field.
  • Key skills. It is also a crucial section where it provides your strengths in conducting your job.
  • Academic background and GPA. This plays a huge role for new graduates in applying for a new job.
  • Achievements and Awards. This additional section can be good additional information when you don’t have much experience.
  • Additional relevant activities. It can be from training, volunteer work, internship.

Listing Skills for Registered Nurse Resume

Skill is a section that the employer looks at to decide whether you deserve the job or not. The following are the essential skills that can lead you to get your dream job as a registered nurse.

Clinical Skills for a Registered Nurse

As it is mentioned above that one essential skill for a registered nurse is clinical skills. It can be very wide-ranged at this point, so we compile several clinical skills that are important for you.

  • Basic nursing skills
  • Nursing leadership
  • Making patients’ bed
  • Maintaining hygiene standards
  • Drawing patients’ blood pressure
  • Performing an injection

Kinds of Registered Nurse Resume Example

Do you want to save time? Maybe using a registered nurse template is the solution. It gives you the ease of creating a professional resume within a short time.

New Graduate Nurse Resume

For new graduates, you don’t need to worry as this resume provides a good template sample that brings out your positive traits to the employer.

Professional Registered Nurse Resume

The professional registered nurse needs to use this template as it provides complete information of what has been done during the nursery career and also the achievements earned.

Pediatric Registered Nurse Resume

If you apply for a pediatric registered nurse, this template is what you’re looking for. It is written in Ms. Word that allows you to edit easily.

Entry-Level Registered Nurse Resume

This resume template is available for an entry-level position as a registered nurse. It promotes you by providing a well-structured formatting resume with a powerful career objective and important key strengths.

Registered Nurse Resume Sample

It employs basic formatting for a registered nurse resume that can be used for an entry-level position or for someone who wants to pursue a higher position in the nursery field. It provides thorough information on the applicants.

Experienced Registered Nurse Resume

With an experienced registered nurse, one needs a comprehensive resume template, to sum up all the career contributions. This template facilitates you to present the important information to the employer.

Certified Registered Nurse Resume

If you have some certifications you wish to include, this resume template is what you’re looking for. Providing a comprehensive list of your certifications and professional summary, this resume will make an outstanding resume to your employer.

Modern Registered Nurse Resume

If you prefer to have a modern design for your registered nurse resume, this can be a good option. Using a modern look and formatting style, this template still provides a well-structured section of the information.

Knowledgeable Registered Nurse Resume

This resume template facilitates the comprehensive information of your contribution to your previous work so that it will be favorable for you in front of the employer.

Head Registered Nurse Resume

When you are pursuing a head registered nurse, this can be the resume template you choose to cover all your professional work beforehand and the strengths you have.




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