Receptionist Job Description and its FAQ

A receptionist is commonly found in the office or organization that has responsibility for administration jobs. The main task of the receptionist is answering the phone, receiving the visitors, and also preparing the meeting and training room. In other words, the receptionist will answer the question of customers when they need help. To know more it, you can read the receptionist job description and its FAQ below.

The receptionist responsibilities 

There is some receptionist responsible descriptions that should be known, as:

  • Serving the visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately
  • Operating the telecommunication system by following manufacturer’s coaching for house phone and also comforts operation
  • Assist the clients for finding their way around the office
  • Aid to maintain workplace security by issuing, inspection and collecting the badges as essential and maintaining the guest log
  • Help with a variety of administrative tasks such as copying, faxing, taking notes and also making travel plans
  • Replying phones in an expert manner and routing calls as necessary
  • Hiring, managing, and developing the junior administrative team
  • Scheduling appointment and offer an excellent customer service

The receptionist job description requirements

For receptionist recruitment, these are some necessities to be fulfilled for the candidates. Those are:

  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the related field
  • Reliable, professional dress, and style
  • Prior understanding as a receptionist or related field
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Capable to operate computers such as Microsoft application such as Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Great time management skills
  • Capable to contribute the positive as part of a team

Receptionist FAQ:

What should I include the receptionist’s job posting?

When you post the receptionist job listing, you have to think about the reception job duties that you need your employee to handle. Besides, you also can create a receptionist tasks list and include it to promote a receptionist job.

What is a receptionist called?

The called for a receptionist will be rather different in any company. Moreover, when asking the receptionist job disc, of course, you can apply the specific title suitable for the role of the company.

What are the duties of receptionist?

The main duties of receptionists are handling a variety of administrative support such as distributing the mail, making a travel plan, answering the phone. You also probably will find some lists of the job description for other receptionists.

May I customize the receptionist job sample?

The job description should match a company’s specific needs. Therefore, you have to use a receptionist job description sample to lead you creating the job description. Of course, you can edit the job description and change any section that you are looking for in your next hire.

What are some receptionist interview questions?

When you have posted the advertisement for this job, you also can create an interview question by reviewing the company’s requirements being a receptionist. It will make the process of recruitment getting better.

Besides, you also can take a look at the receptionist job description to create a good question in the interview. You also probably will find the interview question on another part of this page.

Description: a receptionist job description is an important idea to be prepared when you want to make recruitment so that your business will run excellently.



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