Publicist Job Description, Objective Statements, And Responsibilities


The publicist’s job is to create and manage campaigns for clients such as brands, companies, individuals, etc. They need to perform various tasks which generally stated in the publicist job description bellow.

The Responsibilities And Duties Included In The Publicist Job Description

A publicist is responsible for generating brand awareness and the image of the clients using creative ways. The tasks of the publicist include:

  • Creating a plan and material for a publicity campaign.
  • Cooperating with the content team including video makers, content writers, and design or image editor to create a trend on social media.
  • Gathering information related to the product knowledge, brand, and the company so the campaign can be targeted correctly.
  • Developing a relationship with clients, media organizations, and teams.
  • Organizing and planning promotional events.
  • Becoming the company’s representative at the press conference and interviews.
  • Doing an analysis of the adjustment and strategies used in the campaign. Doing budgeting, creating deadlines, and targets.
  • Doing research and making a report about the findings.


Skills Included In The Publicist Job Description

There are certainly some skills you must do to be a professional publicist which including:

  • Having excellent communication skills whether it is verbal or written.
  • Ability to envision marketing strategies in a new way to gain public awareness.
  • Having a strong understanding of various marketing technique especially internet marketing, from SEO, SMO, etc. This is important to help you decide what strategies you have to push the most based on the product design.
  • Excellent ability in copywriting and content production.
  • Having an outgoing personality such as being able to communicate the ideas and convince the clients and people with various marketing plans.
  • Strong analytical thinking.
  • Having the ability to read web analytics.
  • Having a result-driven mindset.
  • Strong confidence in speaking.

A top publicist typically works for the development of brand awareness in various ways. There is various pressure whether it is the target of the company or even the public. In some cases, public demand a company to put down the ads due to sensitive reason. In this case, a top publicist must understand well the culture and the psychology of the market so such mistakes can be avoided.

Speaking about writing the resume, a first start must be from your resume that should catch the attention of the employers. If you still have no idea where to start, especially when it comes to the objective statements, you can follow the tips below:

  • With 4 years of experience in handling various task-related with internet marketing such as SEO, or SMO, I have the knowledge to generate brand awareness of the company. I would like to work with other professionals in your company in the effort to level up my skill, knowledge, and career. I would like to bring my skill and experience to the publicist position.
  • Being a publicist offers a new challenge for me as this is related to my academic background which is a business analyst. I would like to learn new things and push harder to grow with your company.

In short, our publicist job description covers the general description, and it is generally stated in many companies who need a person to run this position. It will be better if you seek more information about the company you are going to apply to.

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