Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainee Job Description – What To Know Before Posting The Job Description!


A progressive claims adjuster trainee job description works with various things. They perform various tasks such as planning, organizing and preparing claims. To complete all the valid proof, the insurance adjuster should work with another people such as police officers, claimant, witness, lawyers, medical professionals from hospitals and other things that will be a long list to mention. To help you understand what the individual does if working in this position, read the following resume of a progressive claims adjuster trainee job description.

The Responsibilities In Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainee Job Description

There are several responsibilities to know about what the insurance adjuster does which are as follow:


Whenever there is an insurance claim, the insurance adjuster cannot process the claim directly. He/she has to look for evidence by doing visual research and work with another fields. This is to make sure that the clients who are claiming the insurance really suffer from damage. The individual has to find valid evidence from relevant professionals, witnesses, and claimants.

Considering the statements

After looking for evidence, the insurance adjuster needs to consider the statements which come from the neutral parties. The individual should do probing on the discrepancies.

Analyze And Make Suggestion

After the insurance adjuster has found evidence, he/she still needs to analyze it and then gives advice to the supervisor if there is dubious behavior that leads to fraud.


Furthermore, an insurance adjuster also supervises the timely repair for the damages that have been doing by the contracted providers.

The Requirements To Fulfill To Become A Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainee Job Description


The candidate must at least have the high school diploma. It is a plus if the candidate has the qualification from Law, Finance or Quantitative Literacy. Work experiences are also preferable.


The skills required including analytical thinking, arithmetic, investigative, reporting, and interpersonal skills.


What’s Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainee’s Job?

The insurance adjuster performs a various task which processing insurance claim is considered as the main task. In short, they plan, organize and prepare the claims. In this case, they should work together with the claimant, police officers, witnesses to the damage, hospital professionals, lawyers, and others so they get valid proof that the clients are unable to claim the insurance.

Things To Consider Before Posting A Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainee Job Description?

Before creating the job description, it is crucial to understand the skills required to work in this field. Understanding well the responsibilities and requirements will help you find the best candidate.

What The Individual Do When Working In This Position?

The person who is working in this field will conduct a visual inspection, looking for evidence from trustable sources and completing the training activities.

Being a progressive claim adjuster trainee is pretty complicated that understanding the requirements, duties, and responsibilities will help employers and job seekers meet the goals quickly. We hope our article can help you in understanding the insurance adjuster job.

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