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The Price List Template Components and Design

When selling goods, price list is necessary. It helps customers to know how much they must pay to obtain certain item. Moreover, this list is good for marketing if you design it properly. For such purpose, the price list template seems to be the right solution.

Using the template has few benefits. You just focus on adding the items and price. After that, edit the title and category to adjust with your product or business. As you know, the template is also the right choice for reference. You may want to know what the price list for fashion looks like. Just check some samples, and modify them on your own.

Price List Template Idea

Price list template comes from situation that transaction must be done equally. Customers may ask the price and negotiate. On the other hand, some products with fixed price often show the exact number of price.

Your business sells several products. Instead of explaining one by one, it is more efficient when you create the price list. Anything related with product and price will be in this list. The customers just request and receive the file containing that information.

Price List Template Design and Style

The basic design for this list is table with columns. Each is for specific component. With the template, the style is expanded, and you can make interactive list. It has color, background, logo, stylish font, and some marketing words.

Price List Template Items and Components

You can see several price lists from various businesses. Hotels and tourism also give the price list as guide. Tourists and guests can pick the room and offer. You may have stores that sell accessories. Due to the vast catalogue, you should summarize them into one price list. The price list template has components that will support anything you need when making the proper list.

  1. Price list name

The first component is the price list name or title. It refers to certain business, category, and anything. For example, you can make price list for Christmas offer. The title or name at the top will state that all products are only for Christmas offer. This is similar when you make a list regarding the services and goods.


  1. Goods or services

The main component is the product that must be in this list. You can use single column for all goods. As alternative, just some sections and fill them with certain products separately. Make sure people can read what you offer easily.

  1. Price

The list of products will be side by side with the price. You can add this part in the position where people can see both immediately.


  1. Additional information

If there is discount or special offer, you can make additional information regarding the list. This part is useful for the business that must adapt with the trend.

Price List Template Platform and Format

Price list template is ready with several formats and platforms. Mostly, you can consider spreadsheet since this program is common for making list. Of course, several formats will make your price list more attractive. Usually, people rely on the graphic design software. You may add logo, picture, pattern, and anything to make it look impressive.

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