Pathologist Job Description and Its FAQ


For physician health care, the pathologist becomes an important agent, and they run an essential job. Based on the pathologist job description, an individual in this position will undertake the research and they also will test the medical specimen for treating and diagnosing the disease. They do not work directly with the patient but will assist the medical practitioners.

Pathologist Job Description Template

The health care center will hire serious and experienced pathologists. A talented pathologist will have responsibilities to perform tests, laboratory work, and pathologist research. Then, they also will face work to treat some diseases and do some tests to find new treatment strategies.

On another hand, a pathologist also will work in various medical settings. They will do some matter to help the medical professional in diagnosing the process, so the treatment of the patients can be done maximally. All matters of the job description will be shown through the template.

For the candidate, to be a successful pathologist, the candidate should have an inquiring mind. They also should have extensive medical knowledge of the disease. Then, a candidate also should remain current in testing methods. Only those who pass the test will be selected.

Pathologist Responsibilities

Doing some tests to help medical practitioners becomes the main responsibility of the pathologist. However, an individual in this position will face some other responsibilities to handle, such as:

  • Performing kinds of specimen analysis by using the tool and equipment of the laboratory
  • Studying some samples and performing some tests to analyze the bodily fluids
  • Looking for abnormalities in samples
  • Conveying the information to the relevant practitioner of medical
  • Using a checklist, retesting, and medical software to get precise results
  • Suggesting the options for the potential treatments
  • Writing the pathology report detailing the result of the test, the specimens testes, and the final diagnosis
  • Researching to improve the identification
  • Testing methods and findings the innovative ways to treat some diseases
  • Staying up to date with the developments in the medical practice

Pathologist Requirements

To be capable of handling all the mentioned responsibilities, a candidate should fulfill some requirements for the joining process. The requirements become the reference to find a talented agent.

Some requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in physical science, biology, and other similar fields
  • Experiences in internship and residency training, especially about pathology
  • Successful completion of the medical licensing examination
  • Valid and active medical license in the state of practice
  • Experience using the equipment of the lab testing, such as microscopes, and others
  • In-depth knowledge of the medical data management software
  • Excellent analytical and research skills
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written

Pathologist FAQ

What are the main duties of the pathologist?

Doing some researches become the main duty of the pathologist. However, they also need to make coordinate with the other staff to treat the patients.

Can I edit the posted job description of the pathologist here?

Yes, you can. All samples of the job description of the pathologist here are editable. You can personalize a detailed pathologist job description based on your need. Download the samples and then edit them using Microsoft Word.


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