10+ Packing List free template in PSD

Proper Components of Packing List Template for Relevant Checking

Packing list template becomes important part on shipping business. In general, this list is from the sender as mandatory requirement to ensure the package receives a proper handling. You can tell what’s exactly inside the package or box just by reading this list. Some transportation business operates at utmost privacy, and this list is still necessary.

Packing List Template Purposes

The main purpose is identification regarding the good or products. Moreover, it is useful for legal claim when unexpected situation happens. Insurance company uses the list to ensure everything is in the proper order. On the other hand, this list gives information regarding packaging material and method. If the product is sensitive, the company knows what to do.

Packing List Template Design and Style

For your information, packing list template is for formal document. The design and style have to be official. Usually, the company utilizes at least two packing lists for the same product. Sender, shipping company, and recipient will receive each sheet. They use it to inspect and make sure the product is legal.

You can use the style with table and some forms. The basic information will be at the top, including title to formalize the document. After that, the tables contain the list of features or specification with additional columns for checkpoint. When certain spec is done, you can add the check sign.

Packing List Template Key Components

You already know what packing list template looks like. It is time to explore the components more.

Sender and recipient

The packing list is for package you send. In this case, sender and recipient have to be in that list. The name, address, and contact numbers are important information. If both are companies, this part has significant role. Receiving package from unknown sender is high risk.


Basic information

Basic information in this list is about size, height, weight, etc. If the package contains sensitive contents, you can see from this part. In general, the information is useful to make sure it is handled properly.

Content specs

When you buy electronic devices, the packing list shows the specification. Meanwhile, if you just receive a package of clothes, the specs are about size, material, design, signature from designer, warranty card, and anything. Keep in mind the specs involve many aspects.


Checking list

The list also has section for checking and inspection. The product is arrived and you should inspect immediately. Firstly, check whether the model is right or wrong.  Checking list make sure you receive what you order. Moreover, the sender can use this part for initial checking, and attach the result.



The last part is signature from sender, recipient, and packaging company, including shipping and transportation service. This part is for legal purpose.

Packing List Template Format and Platform

Several formats are ready for packing list template. This kind of list is mostly available with spreadsheet platform or word processor. On the other hand, you can get templates with format as image or pdf file. Regardless the platform, you should know what to do.

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