Order Selector Job Description – What Are To Prepare Before Applying?



An order selector is a person who is responsible for making sure the customers get the correct orders. Typically the people who are working in this position are in the stockroom and warehouse. They manage the stocks for the customers and arrange them accordingly. If you are planning to apply for this position, check the order selector job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Order Selector Job Description

There are some responsibilities that will be done as an order selector, which are as follow:

Do checking

The order selector is responsible to check and read the order carefully. They have to make sure they will not take the wrong product during shipping.

Process the order

The order selector has to process the order by locating and selecting the items in the warehouse to fulfill the customers’ order. To do this properly, the order selector will also operate the forklifts to prepare the shipping.

Perform inspection

Another job to perform by the order selector is doing the inspection. This is important to make sure everything is correct based on the customers’ orders.

Managing the inventory

Another job of the order selector is labeling the shipment to make it easy to be identified. They also put the shrink wrap before the shipping is done.

Making sure the order is following the safety procedure for example during the packing, the order selector should wear proper clothing, and safe handling as well as applying standard operating procedures.

The Requirements In The Order Selector Job description

  • Academic Background – The candidate must have a high school diploma with experience as an order selector, in computing and inventory management.
  • Skills – The candidate must be physically fit and great because this job requires a lot of movement from shipping, lifting, labeling products, operating machinery, and also moving to a certain location.


What’s An Order Selector’s Responsibility?

An order selector has a job to manage and file the customers’ orders. They make sure all of the orders are correct. Some of their tasks are storing, selecting, monitoring, and packing the products and tools.

How To Become A Successful Order Selector?

To become a successful order selector, you should have the ability to manage your team. You must have strong organizational skills and be able to demonstrate your attention to detail. Besides, you will often move to go to another location that requires you to be physically fit.

What Are The Tasks Of An Order Selector?

An order selector must do various tasks such as selecting, monitoring, packing, and storing. The tasks are mostly about transporting and shipping the inventory to the customers.

The order selector mostly works in the stockroom taking care and managing the inventories. They make sure everything ordered by the customers is well-placed. If you want to be in this position, be sure to read carefully the order selector job description and then prepare it. We hope our short summary above helps you.

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