10+ Note Card free template in PSD

The Note Card Template Functions and Details


To be simply put, notecard is something you can use to write a short letter, short notes for your speech, or the list of school homework for a day. You can also use the notecard to note someone’s phone number, addresses – anything. Despite our vast and fast improvement in the digital world, note cards are still widely used. In recent days, you can even find a note card template on the internet. Personalized cards will never go old. You can use the template to make a personal note card, as well as your company note card.

Why You Should Use a Note Card Template


Also known as an index card, note card is widely used for its versatility. It can convey a letter or note something important for yourself. It is easy to make, and there are many DIY projects for it. But, if you are not that person who fancies craft-making, you can drift to making note cards digitally. That’s where you may need a note card template.

It is cheaper than buying it

Although it just costs some bucks, there’s nothing wrong with saving your money for future use. In case of making note cards, a template will cost you nothing especially if you use a free downloadable template.


You are your note card designer

By using a template, the customization process all belongs to you. It’s sure that you still retain the original design here and there, but you can make it more personalized – write your name, write your company’s name, it’s yours to choose.


Time efficiency

In this digital era, time efficiency is one pivotal thing to achieve. Using a template will save you the time for brainstorming and executing the idea into a design.


Note Card Template Components


Every note card is up to the maker’s creativity, but there’s always something in common one can find in a note card template.


  • Enough space for writing

A notecard should own enough space for writing. This is because a notecard is specifically made for that reason. You can make the area for writing blank, or having lines to help the writing neat.

  • Decorations

‘Decorations’, in the term of note cards, decorations mean the background, fonts, ornaments, etc. Ensure that the decorations don’t make the space for writing too narrow.


How to Make A Note Card Through A Note Card Template


You can start by looking for the right template on the internet. You also need to make sure that you own the application enabling you to edit the template. Then, simply save the template file to your PC.

Once the download is finished, launch the application and open the template through the app. Next, customize the template to fit your preferences and save the file afterward. After completing the whole process, you can proceed to print it on a paper – preferably a thick one, like matte papers (the classic, premium, or the recycled one are OK).


Paper Choices to Fit Your Note Card template


The paper choice is actually depending on personal preference, but there are several recommendations regarding the paper choice:


  • Use matte paper to print the light-colored designs. It’s also budget-friendly.
  • For designs with a lot of text, recycled-matte paper is perfect.
  • For a textured finish, linen paper is recommended. It also brings the elegant vibes.
  • Lastly, to print a vibrant note card template, it’s recommended to use a premium matte one.


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