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If you are a military person looking for a new job, you can start by putting together a classy and compelling resume. If you are also looking to find a career in the civil sector, you will still need a professional-quality resume. To convince recruiters, you need to include your experience in a matter of years on your great military resume.

There are several types of military jobs that you can apply for, including making an air force military resume. Whatever military job you want to do, be sure to create a professional and authoritative resume. If this is the first time in years you have started writing resumes again, you may need a little help. Therefore, we provide examples that can be your inspiration.

Military Resume Sample

To get your idea, you can see the sample resume we provide below:

Patrick Stewart

Personal Info

Phone: (333)-223-221-333



Highly dedicated, active, and hardworking individuals who have completed a military training program. I am seeking a position as a military police officer with the RR Military Branch to develop my critical thinking skills, solve problems and ensure the safety of all military facilities.


Military Police Officer

1) DD Military Branch


  • Detecting and resolving any security breaches.
  • Maintaining security by utilizing combat training and weapons
  • Handling if there is suspicious activity
  • Carrying out detention of offenders

2) Exc Military Branch


  • Interacting with superiors and subordinates formally.
  • Maintaining and guard military camps
  • Controlling the facilities and addressing any violations
  • Wearing the right equipment when working


High School Diploma in Ernest High School, 2006

Membership: Nationalist Millennial Organization since 2007

Key Skills

  • Maturity
  • Able to handle the responsibility
  • Able to remain calm in a dangerous situation
  • Communication skills
  • Resilient
  • Open-mindedness
  • Surveillance


  • The most assertive and active member of the military training, 2007
  • The most disciplined and obedient military member, Exc Military Branch, 2019


  • English
  • France

How To Write A Resume For Military?

As with any resume, you have to make it look attractive and classy. Here are some resume writing tips that you can apply:

  • List your experiences in advance
  • Highlight your duties in the military world
  • Write down the education or training that matches the qualifications
  • Write down your awards and membership
  • Highlight your skills

How To Build A Great Resume Simply?

Even if you want to write a simple resume, you still have a chance to make a professional format. You can pay attention to these things:

Make a simple resume

Write your resume in simple but firm language. Use the most relevant keywords that will make your resume stand out and look professional.

Write a brief resume

Don’t be too verbose in writing a resume. Keep it short, classy, short, and to the point of the resume. Don’t miss important information.

What Are The Important Skills of A Military?

Like any other job, you also have to keep an eye on some of the skills that are relevant to the military. By having the right skills, you are more likely to be considered by recruiters. The following are some of the skills you should have included on your resume:

  • Flexibility
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Dedication
  • Curiosity
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Surveillance
  • Leadership
  • Open-mindedness
  • Able to handle the responsibility

Is Military Experience Important On a Resume?

If you want to write a resume related to the military, then experience in the military is important to have. As you know, military experience is very meaningful and can be an asset that you can show on your resume.

If you are a veteran, recruiters will probably consider you hired. Your attribute in the military shows important skills as well as an indication that you are the right individual with a high work ethic and dedication.

Kinds of Military Resume Samples

To make it easier, you can use our best template for the military below to build a great resume. Choose the most professional design to create yours:

Police Military Resume Design

Talking about a resume, you have to make it as good as possible. Especially if you are applying for a position to work as a member of the military. Use this format and become the expected candidate.

Military Pilot Resume Sample

Several things are important considerations why you should be considered a military pilot. You must write down several things according to your qualifications, including education, skills, experience, and various other things that are relevant.

Simple Military Resume Template

If you prefer a simple resume, then this template is the perfect fit. Adjust some of the aspects in it to your liking. But remember, you have to write it as neatly as possible to keep it looking classy.

Ex Military Resume Design

If you are bored working in a certain field, switch to another field that is still related to your passion or desire. You still have to include some important elements such as experience and various other positive things that will make your resume look more attractive.

Experienced Military Resume

Having a lot of experience in the military field will make you look even more attractive. Use this format to make a big impression in front of recruiters. You can also include some important aspects such as awards and important experiences.

Chronological Military Resume

Writing a chronological resume looks attractive to most people. You can put your experience and skills together so you don’t have to worry about the format of the resume you produce. Using this format will make your resume grades look awesome.

Administrative Assistant Military Resume

The next template that you can use is a resume for the military administrative assistant. You need to pay attention to several aspects so that the resume you create will still look prominent and classy.

Navy Military Resume Template

A navy military resume leaves a positive impression with an elegant format. You can customize the letters with the color to your liking.

Army Military Resume Design

Don’t just talk about the experience on your resume, because recruiters also pay attention to what skills you have. Use this resume to create the perfect format.

Air Force Military Resume Format

If you want to write a resume for the air force military, then this format is the one you should use. Write all the important things about you using relevant keywords.



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