Med Tech Job Description and Its Requirements

A medical technologist (med tech) is a person who has responsibilities to perform professional laboratory works with clinic procedures and perform chemical & biological tests on patients for medical diagnosis. In this article, we will focus discussing on the med tech job description. So, you have to pay attention to this.

Med Tech Job Description Template

A med tech conducts laboratory tests, procedures, experiments, & analyses in order to provide data for disease’s diagnosis, treatment, & prevention. He or she analyzes bodily fluids such as spinal fluid, urine, and blood to determine the normal and abnormal component presence.

Typically, a med tech works in a laboratory facility. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in the medical technology and 2 years of experience. It also requires a valid ASCP certification. A good med tech must have a strong eye for detailed as well as great communication skills.

Med Tech Responsibilities

We are hiring a new med tech. anyone is allowed to apply for this job position. However, there are some responsibilities to be understood. The following tasks and duties must be done by the candidate who is accepted:

  • Studying morphology and blood cells with a microscopic technique
  • Analyzing the results of test & entering findings in a computer
  • Performing group, type, & compatibility test of blood for the process of transfusion
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing any problem with the laboratory’s equipment
  • Performing radiographic procedures with an acceptable level
  • Maintaining the laboratory’s quality assurance by performing proficiency tests
  • Reducing potential liability to follow the established practices & procedures to complete X-Rays requested by the physician

Med Tech Requirements

Being a med tech is not easy. Every candidate has to meet the required qualifications. For you who want to apply for a med tech in our company, make sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Two years of experience
  • ASCP certification
  • Specialization in areas like chemistry, histology, bacteriology, immunohematology, serology, blood-bank, or hematology
  • Strong eye for details
  • Good communication skills both written & verbal
  • Good knowledge of working with Ms. Office apps
  • Strong math abilities for deeply analytical
  • Strong for lifting 20 pounds

Med Tech FAQs

What does a med test do in a laboratory facility?

Mainly, a med tech is responsible for performing professional laboratory works. There are meant tasks and duties to do in the laboratory. For example is to conduct laboratory tests, procedures, experiments, & analyses. Besides that, a med tech is also tasked to analyze bodily fluids.

Can I edit the posted med tech job description here?

The job description of a med tech available in this article is editable. It means, you can easily customize it to fit your needs. You can add or remove the details of the document. In fact, different laboratory facilities may ask different job descriptions.

Do you have interview questions for a med tech?

This web does not only contain the med tech job description but also some interview questions. You can use these questions to interview the candidates of a med tech.


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