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Making a Magazine Cover with a Magazine Cover Template

There is one saying that goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Sadly, it doesn’t work in a publishing world. Every cover on any type of publication, more importantly on a magazine, has an essential role in drawing the audience. It’s not the great content and design which can make the readers keep flipping the magazine pages. It’s the cover that attracts the readers’ attention to grab the magazine and flip the pages. To achieve this significant goal of designing an engaging magazine cover, you must at least have necessary designing skills. To ease your arduous task, there’s nothing wrong with using a ton of magazine cover template you can pick for free on the internet.

Important Elements in Magazine Cover Template

In picking a magazine cover template, keep in mind that you have to pick one, which allows the users to customize it. It’s crucial since not all of the templates provide items you must include in your magazine cover. Image, title, and fonts are essential elements you must consider carefully for the cover of the magazine.

Enhance the use of images to grab the readers’ attention and influence them to keep flipping your magazine. Some people may prefer to combine pictures and fonts together. Play with 3D effects to make the words more exceptional.

Look for inspiration from numerous magazine cover in how they choose fonts, how they insert images, what kind of color pallets they use, and many more. Even so, it’s highly recommended to only use two types of fonts for a magazine cover.

Choosing a Magazine Cover Template

Besides choosing a magazine cover template which can be customized, there is one step you need to do before choosing the template, that is place yourself in the audience’s shoes. You may not be a pro, but in order to be a good designer, you need to always take your target audience into account. Do research about who will possibly read your magazine and come up with ideas that able to attract your target audience.

A Simple Magazine Cover Template

There are tons of cover templates you can find on the internet. If you think that finding a proper template is an arduous task, without a doubt, it would be better if you pick a simple template. After all, simplicity has been playing a vital role in the graphic designing world. To enhance a simple template, combine attractive photos and clean layout. It will make your magazine cover look more elegant.

Be Consistent with a Magazine Cover Template

A key point of having a successful magazine cover is maintaining consistency, meaning you need to have some similarity in every issue of your magazine. The positioning of the images, color pallets, or even the choice of text may be similar. This way, your magazine will be easily identified by your readers. But maintaining consistency of a magazine cover is not the same as having a monotonous one.

Once you decide what kind of magazine cover template you want to choose, it would be better to use it for the next several issues. After all, you can use your creativity to customize the template to become a striking one.


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