Life Insurance Agent Job Description – Understanding The Requirements And Responsibilities



A life insurance agent is the front lines of an insurance company that is actively doing active marketing. Their responsibilities including providing information to potential customers while attracting them to buy or try the products. In short, the main job of a life insurance agent is to sell the policies that can be issued once the customers have passed away. For further explanation about the life insurance agent job description, you can read the following summary.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Life Insurance Agent Job Description?

Guiding The Clients

The life insurance agents must guide the clients and recommend the best insurance package based on their financial capacity and purpose. They also give direct service and act as the intermediary between clients and the company. Additionally, the life insurance agent must give good customer service and maintain the relationship between clients and customers. When there are some questions and issues, the agent must be able to handle it.

Expand The Customer Base

One of the important tasks of an insurance agent is to expand the customer base. They have to gather important data about the clients to give them the best recommendation. Furthermore, the agent must analyze the current portfolio to give the best recommendations.

Assist The Clients

The agent must vell the annuities which should be issued in retirements and assist the clients during the claiming process. Additionally, the agent must maintain the records whether it is in soft files or paper records.

What Are The Requirements In The Life Insurance Agent Job Description?

  • Educational background – The candidate must have a diploma in the financial service or related field. They must have a valid license and get accredited with The FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).
  • Skills – The skills required include excellent communication, analytical, customer service, and selling skills.


What Should A Life Insurance Agent Do?

Life insurance has responsibilities to give guidance to the potential customers who want to know the product. They give advice and sell the policies.

What Are Things To Consider Before Posting The Life Insurance Agent Job Description?

Knowing the main tasks of a life insurance agent is very crucial. This will help you vet the standard for the candidates who can pass the hiring project. Besides, you also have to know the main requirements and skills to have for a candidate. Even though life insurance is more like the marketing department of an insurance company, an education certificate is not enough. It is better to consider some experience in marketing field, especially in this sector because this will ease you to assign the task once they have been accepted to work in your company.

What Are The Prominent Tasks Of A Life Insurance Agent?

The main duties of life insurance are giving guidance to people who want to know the company’s product. They have to maintain the existing customers actively and expand it through active marketing. This can be through social media, websites, and other programs that have a great chance to gain more customers.

That is all our short resume about the life insurance agent job description. We really hope this can help you get a better idea about what to post for your hiring project.

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