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Letter Head Template for Any Document You Want to Send


Using letter head template is something everyone want to do when sending legitimate document. Letterhead is the thing on the top of each letter that makes the document looks formal and exclusive. These are some templates of the letterhead that you can certainly use. It works for any types of letter, including those from companies or even personal letter. Here they are.

Letter Head Template Function


What are the functions of the template? The function is to create a signature look of a letter. Sometimes, as a big company does or professionals do, the letter needs a signature touch to make sure that the recipient of that letter can trust the content. You do not need to design the whole thing on your own as the letter head template is ready here for you.

Letter Head Template Content


The content for the letterhead is usually described as these parts down below:


  • Company Name

The first thing you will find there is the name of the company or sender. It should be written in big and bold color so that it is highly noticeable by the reader.

  • Company Logo

If the letter is indeed from a company or organization, they should place their logo on the letterhead. It makes the letter looks more professional for sure.

  • Motto/Catchphrase

When the company or anyone who send the letter has famous catchphrase or motto, they should write them on the letterhead and place it below the name.

  • Contact Information

Contact information is usually placed in the letterhead. However, some people place them in the footnote, too. If your option is on the letterhead, you can freely do it.


Letter Head Template Examples


These are some of the best examples of the letterhead design:


Company Letter Head

This professional and exclusive-looking template is for company letterhead. They should show some formality but keep their letter looks great and readable. Download the template here.

Business Letter Head

For business letter, usually it will be documented and scanned. This is why the letter must look as good as possible. Use this template right here for that particular purpose.

Construction Letter Head

This is the example of a letterhead used in a construction letter. It can be completed by the company logo or with those little galleries on the bottom of the page.

Personal Letter Head

If you are not even a company and want to send personal letter, you can still place a letterhead on the top of the letter. The example is here.


Letter Head Template Format


Choose the right format for the letter head template. As it is a template for a letter, the best format should be a doc or PDF format. Doc will be the best option as it allows the template to get edited easily on Microsoft Word.

Those are some templates to download. Whenever you need to make a letterhead, all you have to do is coming to this page and downloading everything you need for the letterhead. The options should be numerous with the letter head template above.

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