Flagger Job Description: Responsibilities And Requirements Of A Flagger



A flagger typically works for government agencies to control the process in construction. As background knowledge, we have provided the flagger job description below. The job description below covers all responsibilities and requirements of a flagger that you must accomplish. Take a look at the explanation below.

The Responsibilities Of A Flagger

Several responsibilities below must be completed by you in the future. The points below can help you to do the consideration and preparation. If you find some interesting points, do not hesitate to take some notes with you. Below are some responsibilities as a flagger.

Able To Do Hand Signals

The first duty you are supposed to do hand signals to ask the drivers to detour or go to the new route which has set. Also, you must contact the other flaggers in order to make one-way or two-way traffic and inform if there are any issues, especially safety issues. A flagger will also set warn and signs around the construction sites.

Remove Signs Once The Construction Is Finished

A flagger should remove signs and warn after the construction is done. Besides, you need to assist the construction crew to remove any hazard and dangerous materials. The other responsibility is recording plate numbers who disobey warns and signs.

Requirements In A Flagger Job Description

Once you understand the responsibilities of a flagger, have a look at the requirements we have set below. These requirements will help you to consider it before making the application. Here are the requirements you need to fulfill as a flagger.

Have A Degree And Experience

A flagger must graduate in a high school diploma degree or GED. The other requirement is having ATSSA certification and working experience in a similar role. You also need to have background knowledge about state traffic regulations.

Some Main Skills Needed

You should have excellent observation and organizational skills. Besides, able to solve problems and work in a team is preferred. On the other hand, you must have effective communication skills and willing to work in any weather conditions.


What Is The Job Of A Flagger?

The job of a flagger is to observe the process of construction sites. Also, a flagger needs to monitor the signs and warns that have been set around the construction.

What Must You Do Before Assigning For This Position?

Before applying for this position, you must consider all responsibilities and requirements above.

What Are The Most Common Tasks In The Flagger Job Description?

A flagger will report problems related to the disobedient motorist, inform drivers of new or detour routes, and respond to any questions raised by the drivers. Also, you must safe vehicles in an emergency situation if needed.

All in all, if you want to be a flagger, you can prepare all points by reading the flagger job description above. By preparing your application, you can have a bigger opportunity to be qualified as a candidate.

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