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Financial Analyst Resume

Financial analysts are often seen as a responsible department that guides company leaders to make decisions regarding the financial matter. It is expected that they conduct the financial analysis so that the business still has a profit. They have the access to the financial records of the company so that they can find the best way out of the financial problem that a business face.

To be a financial analyst, someone has to own the qualifications from the educational background to the relevant analyst skills and if it is possible the financial analyst licenses. A perfect financial analyst resume is also crucial during the hiring process. Here, we show you some information related to the resume for financial analysts that can be useful.

Entry-Level Resume Analyst Sample

We are giving you a sample financial analyst resume for an entry-level position in a company.

Helena Johnson

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-123-123

Email: helenajohnson@email.com


A detailed-oriented and strong accounting skill graduate with two years of experience as an assistant for a financial analyst is looking for career growth at XYZ Finance Firm. Excellent in conducting financial research, planning, and reports with providing the financial forecast that improves the company profit. Successfully reduced 20% of the unnecessary budget.


Assistant Financial Analyst at ABC National Group

2018 – 2020

  • Conducting weekly and monthly financial analysis by checking the company performance reports
  • Maintaining the financial records regarding all transactions including purchases, sales, and tax payment
  • Investigating excessive financial reports with the senior financial analysts
  • Collecting information in system error regarding the accounting software and reports
  • Researching the financial data collected to provide the financial forecast with the senior financial analyst
  • Organizing the financial records, files, and reports based on the category and functions
  • Reducing the excessive budget outcome by 20%


Master Degree in Business and Finance at University of Caroline, 2016 – 2018

Bachelor Degree in Business and Finance at University of Caroline, 2012 – 2016

GPA: 3.95 (Top 3% of the Program)

Relevant Coursework: Training in Public Speaking for Financial Analyst, Intensive Course for Assistant Financial Analyst for three months

Graduation: 2018

Membership: Accounting Club, Business Management Club, Finance Analyst Community

Key Skills

  • Hard skills

– Excellent corporate accounting skill

– Good business management skill

– Asset management

– Evaluating corporate budgeting planning and report

– Budgeting techniques and research

– Basic Ms. Office

– Accounting Software

  • Soft skills

– Excellent mathematics skills

– Excellent communication skills

– Public speaking

– Detailed-oriented

– Teamwork

Achievements and Certifications

  • Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)
  • Financial Evaluation Analyst Certification
  • Public Speaking for Financial Analyst Certification
  • Best Students’ GPA Score


  • English
  • German

How to Write a Financial Analyst Resume

In writing a financial analyst resume, there are steps you need to do to finally produce a good one.

  • Read the job description carefully. It allows you to get information of what the employers look for from the applicants
  • Use the best resume format to emphasize your strengths
  • Identify the related keywords to the job you apply for. Different jobs use different keywords
  • Make sure to use bullet points in representing the list of information, be it for the work experience, skills, or achievements
  • Avoid any writing errors such as misspelling, wrong capitalization, and punctuation

What You Should Know Before Writing a Financial Analyst Resume

There are many cases where you don’t hear any news after you submit your resume, so what happens? Where did you make the mistake? Here we collect the information of what you should know before writing a resume for a financial analyst.

Kinds of Financial Analyst Resume Template

It can be overwhelming to go through the hiring process with all the preparation and resume writing. The good thing is now you have a choice to use a resume template that guarantees you to have a professional resume within a short time. You can choose one of the resume templates below that best represents yourself.

Entry-Level Financial Analyst Resume Downloadable

This resume template offers the chance for those who want to apply for the entry-level position as a financial analyst. The file can be downloaded and edited based on your situation.

Business/Financial Analyst Resume in Word

This resume template applies a simple and basic design with thorough information to cover. Created in Ms. Word, you can edit it anytime and send it when you’re ready.

Corporate Financial Analyst Resume Sample

If you plan to work in a corporate, this financial analyst resume can give you a professional summary and a chronological work experience so that the readers will be able to find out about your professional side.

Senior Financial Analyst Resume

For the senior financial analyst, this resume template offers a strong career summary with a complete list of experience and relevant skills. It also has a section for achievements and certifications.

Healthcare Financial Analyst Resume Sample

This resume is used for financial analysts who work in the healthcare industry. Designed specifically, it includes the financial analysts’ skills concerning the healthcare work environment.

Real Estate Financial Analyst Resume

Financial analysts in real estate can use this template to pass the resume screening phase. The information on the resume is very specifically designed for the real-estate environment.

Accounting Financial Analyst Resume

In an accounting firm, financial analysts become an important position. This resume template can help you in filling the position by showing your abilities and what you can do to contribute to the next job.

Junior Financial Analyst Resume in Ms. Word

This resume template is written in Ms. Word file format where you can edit the information to match your needs. It targets the junior financial analysts to use this resume template.

Graduate Financial Analyst Resume

If you’re just graduated, this resume template can be your choice in applying for a financial analyst position. It highlights your skills and academic background effectively.

Financial Analyst Staff Resume Template

This resume template is designed for any financial analyst staff that works in any company. It applies a neat resume design with a well-structured information section. You can use this resume template and edit it easily.





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