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Free Downloadable Design of Facebook Banner Template

Social media marketing is different than typical and common social media usage, and Facebook cover photo is an ideal example of that. You might already see how a usual profile will look just as great with personal banner image. However, there is so much more that a business banner needs to do. Below, you’ll see how to create a proper cover photo easily using Facebook banner template, in order to represent your brand precisely how you want it to.

Facebook Banner Template Design

The old saying of “do not judge a book by the cover” might be true in some cases, but not all of them. That certainly is not an applicable phrase for the world of social media. Visual is the way for a customer to get the first impression of your company and understand your brand better. Facebook cover photo is one of the many visual tools that lay foundation for online reputation of your business.

That’s why having the right Facebook cover isn’t as simple matter as it appears to be. However, it is possible to make the whole work more convenient by using Facebook banner template that comes with the right size and dimensions.

Facebook Banner Template Guides

Here are several tips to create a proper banner for your Facebook business profile:

Follow the banner guidelines that have been provided by Facebook: even though it might seem obvious, it should be emphasized that obeying guidelines for Facebook page that already exist is crucial. Some of the things that worth to keep note for is that the cover image is public, it cannot be misleading, deceptive, or violate someone else’s copyright.

Make sure the size of your banner is correct: the thing about using template, you don’t have to worry about the correct sizing and dimensions anymore. However, if you choose to make it from scratch, the recommended size is 820 x 320 pixels for desktop version, and 640 x 360 pixels on mobile device.

Match the color palette and focal point of the banner with your brand: as the name implies, cover photo is the top layer that’s going to reveal what’s on your page below. If the image looks confusing or distracting, people likely won’t take further interest on your page. Plenty of Facebook banner is created to catch attention of the visitor to your brand along with using color scheme that’s suitable with the rest of the brand.

Business Facebook Banner Template

It is not always easy to choose the right image, style and size for your Facebook banner. In the end, it is the first chance of yours to create the right impression over numerous potential customers. Luckily, the Facebook banner template is available to provide you with visual tool – one that can help you engage and delight customers on your page inside the platform.

Free Facebook Banner Template

Creating a cover photo that appears to be professional-looking yet still stands out amongst other might seem a bit daunting if you’re not a skilled graphic designer. It is highly recommended to use Facebook banner template. Aside from helping you with design and dimensions, it will also save your time.

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