Emergency Action Plan Template


Emergency Action Plan Template For Various Emergencies

Emergencies can be defined by conditions or situations or events that are not normal, occur suddenly, which can disrupt the activities of an organization or activity and must be addressed immediately. When you are in an emergency, what should you do? Maybe for those of you who have read the emergency action plan template you can know the exact course of action when that happens. But for those of you who have never known the template, have never experienced an emergency, and have not been educated about it, you will surely panic and be confused when facing an emergency. So, it is highly recommended for you to read and study the template.


Various Emergency Action Plan Templates

There are various emergencies that we might face one day. Actions, when experienced, are also different. The following are a variety of emergency action plan templates and their actions.

  1. Medical emergency

Medical emergencies occur when a person suffers an injury, accident, or fainting due to an illness such as a heart attack. Type of emergency action plan templates that are used, of course, templates that contain medical action. For medical emergencies, you should know about the medical emergency action plan before taking action. The template contains several things such as emergency telephone numbers such as ambulances, medical equipment for first aid, and of course the procedure of action when in the situation. Template about actions during medical emergencies usually:

  • may not move the victim unless the situation is not safe
  • CPR if the heartbeat is weak and the breath is stagnant
  • get someone to call an ambulance


  1. Fire incident

The emergency action plan template for fire contains rescue procedures for yourself and others. If you are in a building and there is a fire, you should turn on the fire alarm then contact the fire department. After that, if a big fire, you should not try to extinguish it. You should immediately get out of the building. When a fire breaks out, you are prohibited from using the elevator and exiting the building through the stairs as fast as possible. Those actions are in the template for fire incidents.


  1. Gunmen or robbers with weapons

Places like banks, gold shops, are often robbed. The existence of a lot of money and gold makes people have bad intentions to rob it. Usually, these people also carry weapons such as knives or pistols. If you experience this, emergency action plan steps based on the emergency action plan templates are trying to escape without the robber knowing, leaving your belongings, keeping your hands visible, or hiding in a place unseen by the robber and the key to your hiding place. Another action is to fight physically. This is done if you have self-defense skills and have power because the person you are against has a weapon. The most important thing is that you must immediately contact the police. 

Various emergency events are very likely to occur in our lives. Emergency events that we describe are just a small sample as information about the emergency action plan template when the incident occurred to you. It is necessary to study the template because we don’t know what will happen to us out there.

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