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Appropriate Action Supported by Diabetes Action Plan

Indonesia people features a lot of diabetes and must be treated so that people with diabetes in Indonesia aren’t more and more. Sufferers vary from young to old. If you’ve got unhealthy habits irregular like eating patterns, obesity, no exercise, or due to heredity it can cause diabetes. For you who may have a family with diabetes, you should be more careful. Because the possibility of diabetes is getting higher. You must learn various things about diabetes. You need to know the right course of action when symptoms of diabetes appear or the zone of diabetes seems to show improvement. You can prepare yourself by reading the diabetes action plan that diabetics usually have.


Some Examples Of Actions For Diabetes Symptoms According To Zone

Actions to deal with the symptoms of diabetes vary according to the zone of diabetes. We will give examples of some of these actions based on the diabetes action plan.

  1. Green zone

In this zone, it’s still relatively safe. Because blood glucose zones are still during a normal state, you’ve got to remain alert. Symptoms of a healthy person from diabetes supported a diabetes action plan that is blood glucose is normal, between 80-130, in fitness also not stress. For people that are still within the green zone, some ways to avoid diabetes are implementing a healthy diet with more vegetables and fruits, stress control, and exercise. Don’t go to take extended time exercising, but routinely will provide more health benefits.


  1. Yellow zone

Yellow zone or a warning for diabetes means symptoms that indicate diabetes. Symptoms within the yellow zone include early symptoms of diabetes. Supported a diabetes action plan for patients, if the blood glucose level is quite 200 and doesn’t go down or maybe increase, stress, feeling tired, depressed and lack of energy. Supported a diabetes action plan if you are feeling these symptoms are seen, the right course of action is more often to see blood glucose, take medication using a medication, and if symptoms persist or go up and down immediately contact your doctor.


  1. Red zone

The red zone becomes the highest dangerous zone for diabetes because the symptoms appear more and more intense. The symptoms just like the amount of blood glucose quite 300, difficulty breathing, positive urine ketones, nausea, vomiting, until diarrhea. The actions that must be taken by the diabetes action plan are to immediately contact a doctor and inpatient if necessary.


Diabetes for some people to be a scary disease. For those of you who have not experienced it, it is better to prevent and make a health action plan for diabetes . Especially if you have a family who has diabetes. Just in case you need to have a diabetes action plan as knowledge and preparation for you if you have a family or you are showing symptoms of diabetes. Take care of your health, change your lifestyle to be healthier and manage your stress levels well.

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