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Prepare All Possibility For Your Family Safety Using Home Evacuation Plan Template

The home evacuation plan template become one of the important documents in making a home. This template must also be known and understood by all residents of the house so that they can evacuate themselves properly in the event of a disaster or accident such as a fire.

The evacuation itself is an act of displacement or temporary removal from a dangerous area. Evacuation targets can be carried out for individual or group purposes. Evacuation is carried out in a hazardous situation such as a natural disaster, fire, accident or other hazard situation.

Create Home Evacuation Plan Template

You can create home evacuation plan templates using applications such as Corel draw or drawing manually. You can make a simple plan by drawing a floor plan of your house and drawing colored lines that indicate the path or the fastest and safest way out of your house. You can also add an evacuation sign in your home. If you want a more eye-catching template you can make it in an editing application like Adobe Illustrator to make it look more attractive.

Samples Home Evacuation Plan Template

A home evacuation plan is one of the documents available for every home or building construction. Although in Indonesia the use of this document has not received much attention, especially for the scope of private homes. But if you start awareness for home security you can see some examples of this template on the internet, these samples include:

  1. Home Evacuation Plan Template

Examples of home evacuation plan templates include simple house plans and safe exit routes. Besides, you can also add important instructions when something happens so that all family members can take appropriate actions and take care of each other. In addition to house plans, you can also make long-term plans for evacuation that can be divided into several levels. As well as understanding evacuation actions such as what emergencies can threaten, what can be done when at home and when there is a state of danger and when we leave the house.

  1. Fire Emergency Action Plan

Specifically for events such as fire, you can make a road plan out of the house and mark the points where the fire extinguisher is to extinguish. To ensure that the evacuation is the right course of action, you can also make a list that must be considered when carrying out an evacuation action. This is to minimize the occurrence of forgetfulness or other mistakes that have fatal consequences.

  1. Emergency Evacuation Plan

On these documents, you can add a few simple procedures that must be understood by all family members when something dangerous happens. For example provide a list of hazards that must be reported for example when there are sparks, chemical spills, bomb threats, extended power loss, structure climbing / descending or others.

Benefit Using Home Evacuation Plan Template

The benefits of using a house evacuation plan are to maintain the safety of the occupants of the house. In addition to ensuring the safety of the evacuation route at home when something happens. Education about this document for all family members is important.  

If you love your family, you should start thinking about and preparing a home evacuation plan template because we don’t know what and when danger threatens our family in our own homes.

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